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Qhuss (c-oo-s)

The Qhuss are a distinct species of psychic, tentacled beings native to the Underdark. Known for their superior intellect and hive mind mentality, they have gained a reputation as one of the most formidable and feared species within the Underdark. The Qhuss are also recognized for their unique physiological traits and life cycle, complex societal structures, and the intriguing existence of the Qhussari - those Qhuss who have rejected the hive mind and pursued independence.  



General Anatomy

  The Qhuss are octopoid in appearance, featuring a large head, bulbous eyes, and four tentacles surrounding a lamprey-like mouth. Their skin varies in color from purple to a sickly blue-grey, and their bodies exude a slimy mucus, aiding their navigation within the underground environment. Despite their absence of a skeletal structure, the Qhuss are impressively robust, possessing a muscular hydrostatic system that confers them strength and flexibility.  

Psychic Abilities

  The Qhuss are recognized for their potent psychic abilities, which they primarily employ to dominate and control other creatures, often leading to the consumption of the victim's brain. This psychic prowess also extends to communication, facilitating the shared thoughts and ideas within their hive mind instantaneously.  

Life Cycle

  The reproduction of the Qhuss is a communal event involving spawning pools where numerous eggs are laid. The eggs eventually hatch into tadpole-like creatures, which are then inserted into a host creature. The tadpole consumes and replaces the host's brain, resulting in a grotesque metamorphosis that yields a fully-grown Qhuss.  


  The Qhuss society, in many ways, can be described as a collective with a singular purpose. Owing to the nature of the hive mind, individuality among the Qhuss is generally limited to those who have yet to undergo the Feast of Flesh, a ceremony that marks their transition from individual to a cog in the grand hive machine.  

Social Structure

While the Qhuss function as part of a collective consciousness, there exists a stratified structure within their society. The highest tier comprises the Elders, Qhuss of significant age and knowledge who guide the direction of the hive mind. Below them, Warriors and Psionics serve as the martial and intellectual might of the Qhuss respectively. Laborers, who provide the essential groundwork for the society, form the broad base of the structure.  

The Feast of Flesh

The Feast of Flesh is a pivotal moment in the life of a Qhuss, marking their transition from individuality to a shared consciousness. The ritual sees young Qhuss surgically removing a section of their brain, eradicating their individual thought and identity. The Feast is an occasion of joy and pride, as each Qhuss that partakes becomes an integral part of the grand Qhuss design.  

Exodus and the Quhsani

Not all Qhuss accept this fate, however. Some, like Xith-Nak, reject the Feast and flee the hive mind. Known as the Qhussari, these exiles live a life of solitude and evasion, forever pursued by their former kin. Qhussari face the daunting task of navigating the world as individuals, cut off from the collective knowledge and strength of their species.  

Values and Beliefs

The Qhuss believe in a kind of superiority that transcends the physical. They see their psionic abilities and collective consciousness as signs of their advanced evolution, a testament to their position as the dominant species. This belief is reinforced by their treatment of other sentient beings as lesser, often enslaving them for sustenance or manual labor.   While this might seem barbaric and cruel to outsiders, the Qhuss view it as a natural order. To them, their ability to dominate lesser species is a demonstration of their inherent superiority, a validation of the natural hierarchy. They see their actions not as oppressive, but as the simple manifestation of the world's true order.  



Religion and Beliefs

While the Qhuss do not have a religion in the conventional sense due to their hive mind, they possess a deep-seated belief in their inherent superiority over other species, viewing them as lesser beings, resources to be harvested. This belief is foundational to their actions and heavily influences their interactions with other races.   The Qhuss culture is a testament to their unique way of life and the distinct nature of their hive mind existence. It is a culture characterized by collective experiences, shared knowledge, and a unique form of artistic expression, which is inherently tied to their psionic abilities.  

Artistic Expression

In Qhuss society, art transcends the physical and ventures into the realm of the psychic. Rather than create tangible pieces, Qhuss artists use their psionic abilities to form intricate psychic constructs. These "psychic sculptures" are temporal creations, experienced collectively by the hive mind and interpreted through individual perceptions.   As temporal art forms, these constructs are inherently transient, existing as long as they are maintained by the artist or the hive mind. Once the collective focus shifts, these constructs fade, making each piece a unique, ephemeral shared experience. This transience adds an element of beauty and rarity to Qhuss art, giving it an ethereal quality that makes it unique in the world.  

Music and Harmony

The Qhuss have a unique form of music, a complex array of psychic harmonies composed of emotions and thoughts. This psychic symphony is experienced collectively by the hive mind, the intricate harmonies intertwining with each Qhuss' individual consciousness.   To an outsider, this form of music would be overwhelming, a cacophony of psychic input that could easily overload the senses. But to the Qhuss, it is the ultimate form of shared emotional expression, an intimate form of communication that deepens their collective bond and unity.  


The Qhuss communicate primarily through their hive mind, a complex form of psychic interconnection that allows for the instantaneous sharing of thoughts, emotions, and experiences. This psychic language is multi-dimensional and nuanced, encompassing a range of mental and emotional states that goes far beyond the scope of verbal or written language.   For the rare interactions with other species or during the pre-Feast period, Qhuss have developed a verbal language. This language, while complex, is rudimentary compared to their psychic communication. It is primarily used for instruction or basic communication with non-psionic beings.  

Influence and Impact

  The Qhuss have a profound influence and impact on their surrounding world, from the individual races they encounter to large-scale historical events. Most notably, there is a long-held theory that implicates the Qhuss in the downfall of the Hazrad Imperium, a catastrophic event that resulted in a significant regression of civilization and thrust the world into a dark age nearly 2200 years ago.  

Role in the Hazrad Imperium's Downfall

Though historical records from the era of the Hazrad Imperium are limited and fragmented, the few available accounts hint at a disturbingly pervasive influence of the Qhuss on the Imperium's eventual demise. Scholars point to evidence of psychic manipulation and subterfuge, hypothesizing that the Qhuss may have infiltrated the highest levels of the Imperium, causing chaos and dissent that eventually led to its catastrophic downfall.   These theories, while not universally accepted due to a lack of definitive proof, have nonetheless contributed to the air of fear and apprehension that surrounds the Qhuss. The potential for such large-scale manipulation and control is a testament to their psionic abilities and provides a stark reminder of the danger posed by the hive mind, as well as the potential threat of the rapidly growing population of the Qhussari.  

Impact on Underdark and Surface World

The Qhuss have an unmistakable impact on the Underdark, dominating the ecosystem and asserting control over lesser creatures. Their psychic abilities and hive mind enable them to maintain a constant, oppressive presence, shaping the region's dynamics and population structure.   More recently, the impact of the Qhuss has extended beyond the Underdark with the growth of the Qhussari and the establishment of Psion's Stand. This development has not only disrupted the status quo but has also intensified fears among surface-dwelling species. The Qhussari's expansion and the brazen harvesting of sentient beings as cattle represent a new, audacious manifestation of Qhuss influence, one that promises to alter the landscape of the surface world in the years to come.

Beware the Qhuss

  In fear and shadows, we stumble and weep,
The Qhuss descending, from the skies so deep.
In confusion and despair, lives are lost, dreams are shattered,
But the Qhuss, once repelled, are bruised and battered.
  Beneath our feet, they rise again, creeping,
Silent as death, while we lie sleeping.
A flood of dread, a wave of pain,
The Qhuss from below, bringing ruin and bane.
  From the ashes and the sorrow, we find our way,
Rising, resisting, holding the dark at bay.
Through a thousand years, we bleed, yet fight,
Striving against the Qhuss, with all our might.
  Beware the Qhuss, lurking in the deep,
Beware the Qhuss, in shadows they creep,
Beware the Qhuss, ever watchful, ever near,
For the Qhuss shall return, bearing blood and tear.
  Remember this tale, remember this view,
The Qhuss will be back, and the world shall rue.
In a storm of blood and a rain of tears,
The world shall tremble, behold your fears.
— Ancient Song


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