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Order of Dreamweavers

  The Order of Dreamweavers is a religious organization in the Ochal Confederacy, dedicated to the worship of IAE, the GODHEAD, and the Major and Minor Arcana. The Order's primary focus is on understanding the nature of dreams and their connection to the divine, as well as providing spiritual guidance, healing, and protection to the people of the Ochal Confederacy. The Order is divided into four distinct paths, each specializing in different aspects of their faith: pastoral care, healing, warfare and defense, and research into the Astral Sea.  


  The Order of Dreamweavers traces its origins back to the ancient Dreamseers, who were said to possess the ability to interpret dreams and communicate with the divine. Over time, the Dreamseers' teachings evolved into the structured organization now known as the Order of Dreamweavers. The Order has played a significant role in the history of the Ochal Confederacy, providing spiritual guidance and support through times of strife and prosperity.  
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  The Order of Dreamweavers is structured around four distinct paths, each focusing on a different aspect of their faith and practice:  

Path of the Shepherd

Focused on providing spiritual guidance and pastoral care to the followers of the Order and the local community.  
Path of the Shepherd Structure
  1. Initiate of Dreams: The first step in a Dreamseeker's journey, Initiates are taught the basics of the Order's teachings, focusing on understanding dreams and offering guidance to those in need.
  2. Dreamtender: As a Dreamtender, the Dreamseeker is responsible for providing spiritual guidance and emotional support to the community, helping them navigate the challenges of life and interpreting their dreams.
  3. Dreamguardian: Experienced Dreamtenders who have proven their devotion to the people and the Order may be promoted to Dreamguardian, overseeing pastoral care in a region or within a specific temple.
  4. Master Shepherd: The highest rank within the Path of the Shepherd, Master Shepherds serve on the Dreamseeker Council and ensure that the Order's guidance remains in line with the will of IAE.

Path of the Mender

Dedicated to the healing arts, using their knowledge of dreams and divine energy to treat injuries and illnesses.  
Path of the Mender Structure
  1. Initiate of Dreams: All Dreamseekers begin their journey as Initiates, learning the core principles of the Order, including the healing arts.
  2. Dreamweaver Acolyte: Dreamseekers who choose the Path of the Mender become Acolytes, focusing on healing magic and techniques to mend both body and soul.
  3. Dreamweaver Physician: Skilled in the arts of healing and restoration, Dreamweaver Physicians are responsible for treating the sick and injured, both within the Order and the wider community.
  4. Master Mender: The most skilled healers in the Order, Master Menders oversee the healing efforts in times of crisis and serve as advisors to the Dreamseeker Council on matters of health and well-being.

Path of the Protector

Trained in martial skills and the use of divine magic, these Dreamseekers defend the Order's sacred spaces and provide protection to the people of the Ochal Confederacy.  
Path of the Protector Structure
  1. Initiate of Dreams: As with all Dreamseekers, the journey begins as an Initiate, learning the Order's teachings and honing their skills in combat and defense.
  2. Dreamwarden: As a Dreamwarden, the Dreamseeker focuses on martial prowess and defensive magic, protecting the Order's temples and sacred places from threats.
  3. Dreamknight: Skilled and experienced Dreamwardens may be promoted to Dreamknights, who lead groups of Dreamwardens in battle and help defend the Ochal Confederacy from external threats.
  4. Master Protector: The highest rank within the Path of the Protector, Master Protectors are responsible for overseeing the Order's defenses and serve as military advisors to the Dreamseeker Council.

Path of the Astral Seeker

Researchers and scholars who delve into the mysteries of the Astral Sea and the nature of the Dream itself.  
Path of the Astral Seeker Structure
  1. Initiate of Dreams: Aspiring Astral Seekers begin their journey as Initiates, gaining a strong foundation in the Order's principles and the mysteries of the Astral Sea.
  2. Astral Adept: As an Astral Adept, the Dreamseeker dives deeper into the study of the Astral Sea and the husks of the dead Minor Arcana, seeking to unlock the secrets of the past.
  3. Astral Navigator: Astral Navigators lead expeditions into the Astral Sea, exploring its depths and recovering artifacts that hold the key to lost knowledge.
  4. Master Astral Seeker: The most knowledgeable and experienced Astral Seekers, Masters of this path advise the Dreamseeker Council on matters relating to the Astral Sea and help guide the Order's research efforts.

The Dreamseeker Council

  The Dreamseeker Council is the highest governing body within the Order of the Dreamweavers. It comprises eight esteemed members, each drawn from the most notable individuals within the four paths. These leaders are responsible for guiding the Order, making key decisions, and serving as representatives of the Dreamweavers within the Ochal Confederacy. Below are the eight members of the Council, with their ritualistic or honorary titles and descriptions of their roles and duties.  
The Dream Oracle (Path of the Shepherd)
The Dream Oracle is the highest-ranking member of the Path of the Shepherd. They are responsible for overseeing the spiritual well-being of the Order and the people of the Ochal Confederacy. The Dream Oracle is also a skilled interpreter of dreams, providing guidance and insight to the Council and the nation's leaders.  
The Grand Mender (Path of the Mender)
As the highest authority within the Path of the Mender, the Grand Mender oversees all healing efforts within the Order and the wider community. They are responsible for coordinating the deployment of healers in times of crisis and advising the Council on matters of health and well-being.  
The Astral Archon (Path of the Astral Seeker)
The Astral Archon leads the Order's efforts in exploring the Astral Sea and uncovering the secrets of the dead Minor Arcana. They guide the research of the Astral Seekers and advise the Council on the implications of their findings, ensuring that the knowledge gained benefits both the Order and the Ochal Confederacy.  
The Sentinel of Dreams (Path of the Protector)
The Sentinel of Dreams is the highest-ranking member of the Path of the Protector. They are responsible for overseeing the security of the Order's temples and sacred places, as well as coordinating the defense of the Ochal Confederacy against external threats. The Sentinel of Dreams advises the Council on military strategy and the deployment of the Order's forces.  
The Keeper of Slumber (Cross-Path)
The Keeper of Slumber is responsible for maintaining the sanctity and stability of the Dream. They work closely with the Dream Oracle, monitoring the spiritual health of the world and ensuring that the Order's actions align with IAE's will. The Keeper of Slumber also serves as the liaison between the Dreamseeker Council and the Ochal Confederacy's religious institutions.  
The Master of Whispers (Cross-Path)
The Master of Whispers is the Order's intelligence chief, responsible for gathering information and maintaining a network of spies and informants. They advise the Council on potential threats to the Order and the Ochal Confederacy, as well as on political and diplomatic matters.  
The Astral Envoy (Cross-Path)
The Astral Envoy serves as the Order's diplomat, representing the Dreamseekers in negotiations and interactions with other nations, organizations, and planes of existence. They work closely with the Astral Archon and the Sentinel of Dreams to build alliances and foster cooperation in the pursuit of the Order's goals.  
The Lorekeeper (Cross-Path)
The Lorekeeper is responsible for preserving and cataloging the Order's knowledge, including the secrets and discoveries unearthed from the Astral Sea. They oversee the Order's libraries and archives, ensuring that the wisdom of the past is available to guide the Dreamseekers of the present and future.   The Dreamseeker Council, as a whole, plays a vital role in guiding the Order of the Dreamweavers and influencing the Ochal Confederacy. The Council's decisions shape the direction of the Order, and its members serve as advisors to the nation's leaders on matters of spirituality, healing, defense, and arcane knowledge. Through their guidance and wisdom, the Dreamseeker Council helps to maintain the stability of the realm and ensure the prosperity of its people.   In addition to their specific duties within the Order, the Dreamseeker Council holds regular meetings to discuss the current state of affairs in the Ochal Confederacy and the world of Autumna. They assess potential threats, evaluate opportunities for growth and expansion, and address any internal issues within the Order.   The influence of the Dreamseeker Council extends beyond the Order itself, as their reputation for wisdom and expertise has granted them a significant degree of respect and authority within the Ochal Confederacy. Political leaders, nobles, and other influential figures often seek the counsel of the Council on various matters, including governance, diplomacy, and conflict resolution.   The Dreamseeker Council's influence also plays a crucial role in shaping the spiritual landscape of the Ochal Confederacy. Their guidance ensures that the teachings of the Order of the Dreamweavers are propagated throughout the realm, fostering a deep respect for dreams and the power of IAE among the populace. This, in turn, helps to maintain the spiritual balance and harmony within the Confederacy.   Furthermore, the Council is responsible for overseeing the training and advancement of Dreamseekers within the Order. They evaluate the progress and potential of Initiates, guiding them along their chosen path and ensuring that the Order's ranks are filled with skilled and dedicated individuals. In times of crisis, the Dreamseeker Council may also call upon the collective power and resources of the Order, mobilizing its members to address pressing threats or challenges facing the Ochal Confederacy.   he Dreamseeker Council is an essential force within the Order of the Dreamweavers and the Ochal Confederacy, providing guidance, wisdom, and leadership in the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment and the protection of the realm. Their influence and authority help to maintain the stability of the Confederacy and ensure the continued prosperity and well-being of its people.  

Dream Sanctuaries

  Dream Sanctuaries are the primary places of worship, study, and residence for the Order of Dreamweavers. These multifunctional structures feature a unique architectural style, characterized by fluid lines and natural elements, designed to evoke the essence of dreams. Dream Sanctuaries serve as temples, barracks, and centers of research, offering resources and services to both Dreamseekers and the local community.  

Examples of Dream Sanctuaries

The Whispering Grove Sanctuary
A stereotypical example, located in a tranquil forest clearing within the Ochal Confederacy.  
The Submerged Dream Sanctuary
An unusual example, partially submerged in water and accessed through underwater tunnels and chambers.  
The Grand Dream Spire
The largest and most important Dream Sanctuary, located in the capital city of the Ochal Confederacy. It serves as the central hub for the Order's activities and houses the Dreamseeker Council.  


  The Order of Dreamweavers practices a variety of rituals, ranging from daily prayers and dream interpretation sessions to more elaborate ceremonies marking significant events and milestones. Some examples of rituals within the Order include:  
The Slumbering Vigil
This ritual is performed every night before members of the Order go to sleep. It involves the lighting of candles and the recitation of prayers to IAE, asking for guidance and protection during their slumber. Purpose: To maintain a strong connection to IAE and the Dream, ensuring that Dreamweavers receive insight and wisdom from their nightly dreams.  
The Rite of Dreamtelling
During this ritual, Dreamseekers gather in a circle and take turns sharing their dreams from the previous night. A Dreamtender or Dream Oracle interprets the dreams, offering guidance and insights to the participants. Purpose: To foster a deeper understanding of dreams and their significance, as well as to strengthen the bonds between members of the Order.  
The Ceremony of Ascension
This ritual marks the advancement of a Dreamseeker to a higher rank within their chosen path. It involves the recitation of oaths, the presentation of symbolic tokens, and the bestowal of a new title by a high-ranking member of the Order. Purpose: To celebrate the progress and achievements of Dreamseekers, reinforcing their commitment to the Order and its goals.  
The Astral Voyage
A group of Astral Seekers, led by an Astral Navigator, perform a ritual to project their consciousness into the Astral Sea. They explore its depths and interact with the husks of dead Minor Arcana, seeking knowledge and guidance. Purpose: To uncover the secrets of the Astral Sea and gain a deeper understanding of the nature of the Dream and the cosmos.  
The Blessing of the Mender
Description: In this ritual, healers within the Order gather to bless water or healing salves, imbuing them with magical properties that enhance their restorative powers. Purpose: To create powerful healing items that can be used to treat injuries and illnesses, both within the Order and the wider community.  
The Rite of Warding
Members of the Path of the Protector perform this ritual to create magical barriers and wards around the Order's temples and sacred places. The ritual involves the use of protective runes and sigils, as well as the channeling of divine energy. Purpose: To safeguard the Order's sacred spaces and protect them from threats, both mundane and supernatural.  
The Communion of Whispers
This secretive ritual is performed by the Master of Whispers and their network of spies and informants. They gather in a secure location and share information, using a combination of coded language and magical encryption to maintain secrecy. Purpose: To gather and disseminate intelligence, ensuring that the Order and the Ochal Confederacy are prepared to address potential threats and challenges.  
The Conclave of the Council
A formal gathering of the Dreamseeker Council, during which members discuss pressing matters, make decisions, and provide guidance to the Order as a whole. Purpose: To ensure the smooth operation of the Order and maintain its influence and authority within the Ochal Confederacy.  
The Ritual of Dreambinding
This powerful ritual is performed by skilled Dreamseekers to bind nightmares and malevolent dream entities, preventing them from causing harm in the waking world. Purpose: To protect the people of the Ochal Confederacy from the influence of dark forces that seek to corrupt dreams and sow chaos.  
The Festival of the Waking Dream
An annual celebration held by the Order to honor IAE and the power of dreams. It involves feasting, dancing, and the sharing of dreams and visions among the community. Purpose: To foster a sense of unity and gratitude for the gifts of the Dream, and to remind the people of the Ochal Confederacy of the importance of IAE and the Dream.  

Influence and Cultural Impact

  The Order of Dreamweavers has had a profound impact on the culture and society of the Ochal Confederacy. As spiritual leaders and advisors, the Dreamseekers have influenced the beliefs and values of the people, shaping their understanding of dreams, the divine, and the nature of the world around them.   In addition to their spiritual guidance, the Order has contributed to various aspects of life in the Ochal Confederacy, including:   Education: Dream Sanctuaries often serve as centers for learning, offering instruction in various subjects related to dreams, the divine, and the arcane arts. Many prominent scholars and researchers in the Ochal Confederacy have been trained or influenced by the teachings of the Order.   Healthcare: The Path of the Mender is renowned for their skill in the healing arts, using their knowledge of dreams and divine energy to treat a wide range of ailments. Dream Sanctuaries often provide medical care to the local community, making the Order an important part of the Ochal Confederacy's healthcare system.   Defense: The Path of the Protector trains skilled warriors and divine spellcasters, who offer protection to the Order's sacred spaces and the people of the Ochal Confederacy. Their martial prowess and magical abilities have been instrumental in defending the realm from external threats and maintaining order within its borders.   Art and Culture: The teachings and philosophy of the Order of Dreamweavers have inspired numerous works of art, music, and literature throughout the Ochal Confederacy. The Order also supports and promotes artistic endeavors that explore the themes of dreams and the divine, enriching the cultural landscape of the realm.   The Order of Dreamweavers continues to play a central role in the spiritual and cultural life of the Ochal Confederacy, shaping the beliefs, values, and aspirations of its people. As the Order continues to explore the mysteries of dreams and the divine, their influence is sure to remain an integral part of the fabric of the Ochal Confederacy for generations to come.

Symbol of the Order of the Dreamweaver.


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