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Order of Dreamweavers History

The Order of the Dreamweavers has played an essential role in the history of Autumna, especially within the Ochal Confederacy. The timeline below provides a glimpse into their rich history and influence on the world.

  • 1 AP

    The Awakening

    The Dreamweavers emerge from the ashes of the Purge, a cataclysmic event that wiped out most knowledge and history from the world. They dedicate themselves to the protection of IAE's Dream and the recovery of lost knowledge. The Order establishes its first temple in the Ochal Confederacy, known as the Sanctuary of Slumber.

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  • 200 AP

    The First Dreamseeker Council

    The Order forms the Dreamseeker Council, a group of wise and experienced priests responsible for guiding the organization and interpreting the will of IAE. They also establish a network of temples and enclaves across the Ochal Confederacy.

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  • 435 AP

    The Dreamer's Schism
    Military: War

    A faction within the Order becomes convinced that the Dreamseeker Council is corrupt and seeks to awaken IAE, believing that a new Dream will bring a more prosperous world. The resulting schism leads to a brief but intense conflict between the two factions. The traditionalists, loyal to the Council, ultimately prevail, and the separatists are exiled.

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  • 689 AP

    The Astral Crusade

    The Order launches the Astral Crusade, a bold mission to explore the Astral Sea and recover the husks of dead Minor Arcana. The Dreamweavers believe that these relics hold the key to unlocking lost knowledge from before the Purge. Over the course of several decades, the Order recovers many artifacts, leading to a golden age of discovery and arcane advancement.

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  • 1120 AP

    The Dreamer's Accord
    Diplomatic action

    The Ochal Confederacy officially recognizes the Order of the Dreamweavers as a vital institution, granting them significant influence in the government. The Dreamer's Accord is signed, establishing a mutually beneficial relationship between the Order and the Confederacy. The Order agrees to provide guidance and magical support to the nation, while the Confederacy promises to protect and aid the Order in its endeavors.

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  • 1432 AP

    1436 AP

    The Nightmare War
    Military: War

    A dark force emerges from the depths of the Astral Sea, unleashing nightmarish creatures upon Autumna. The Order of the Dreamweavers plays a crucial role in repelling the invasion, using their mastery of dreams and illusion magic to turn the tide. Their actions during the Nightmare War solidify their place as protectors of the realm.

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  • 1875 AP

    The Shadow of the Lost and Damned
    Civil action

    The Cult of the Lost and Damned grows in power and influence, posing a significant threat to the Order of the Dreamweavers. Clashes between the two factions become increasingly common, as the Dreamweavers struggle to contain the dark ambitions of the cult.

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