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The Oneiric Calendar

The Oneiric Calendar closely aligns with the planet's 248.895-day orbital rotation, featuring an average year length of 248.9 days. The calendar is primarily structured with 5 days in a week, 4 weeks in a month, and 12 months in a year, and it incorporates a leap year system to maintain the desired orbital rotation.  
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The Oneiric Calendar



  The Oneiric Calendar consists of 249 days in a standard year, with each month comprising 20 days. Nine of the twelve months have an additional day, which is dedicated to celebrating a public holiday. The 5-day week includes 4 workdays and a weekend day.  


  The 12 months of the Oneiric Calendar are as follows:  
  1. Slumbertide (21 days)
  2. Frostwane (20 days)
  3. Blossomrise (21 days)
  4. Dreamweave (21 days)
  5. Suncrest (21 days)
  6. Remembrance (21 days)
  7. Arcanum (20 days)
  8. Pathfinder (21 days)
  9. Starlit (21 days)
  10. Harvestfall (20 days)
  11. Unity (21 days)
  12. Night's Rest (21 days)

Days of the Week

  The Oneiric Calendar has 5 days in a week:  
  1. Vision Day
  2. Æther Day
  3. Weaver Day
  4. Soul Day
  5. Restful Day (weekend)

Leap Year System

  To account for the planet's 248.895-day orbital rotation, the Oneiric Calendar incorporates a leap year system. Every 10 years, one day is removed from the second month, Frostwane, resulting in a 248-day leap year.  

Public Holidays

  The Oneiric Calendar features nine public holidays, each falling on the 21st day of the respective months. The public holidays are designated as no-work days in the Ochal Confederacy. When such a day falls on Restful Day, the no-work day is observed on the following Vision Day.  
  • Slumbering Solstice 21st Slumbertide: A winter solstice celebration marking the longest night of the year, symbolizing the deep slumber of IAE and the power of dreams.
  • Awakening Equinox 21st Blossomrise: A spring equinox festival symbolizing the renewal and awakening of nature after winter and the connection between dreams and the cycle of life.
  • Dreamtide 21st Dreamweave: A summer holiday celebrating the influence of dreams on creativity and inspiration, with artistic performances and exhibitions.
  • Astral Harvest 21st Suncrest: A fall festival coinciding with the harvest season, acknowledging the abundance provided by the land and its connection to the divine energies of the Astral Sea.
  • Rite of Remembrance 21st Remembrance: A solemn day dedicated to honoring the memory of ancestors and departed loved ones, with rituals led by the Order of Dreamweavers.
  • Arcana's Day 21st Arcanum: A religious event honoring the Major and Minor Arcana, with processions, prayers, and offerings made to the various deities in the pantheon.
  • Pathfinders' Festival 21st Pathfinder: A cultural celebration of the four paths within the Order of Dreamweavers, showcasing the contributions of Dreamtenders, Menders, Protectors, and Astral Seekers.
  • Starlit Soiree 21st Starlit: A night of festivities held under the open sky, with music, dancing, and stargazing, celebrating the celestial connection between dreams and the cosmos.
  • Unity Day 21st Unity: A national holiday commemorating the formation of the Ochal Confederacy and the unifying role of the Order of Dreamweavers in bringing together the diverse peoples and cultures of the Realm.

Cultural Significance

  The Oneiric Calendar plays a vital role in the lives of the inhabitants of Autumna. The Order of Dreamweavers and the Ochal Confederacy have adopted this calendar system, which reflects their deep connection with dreams, spirituality, and the cosmos.   The calendar's public holidays foster a sense of unity and shared identity among the diverse peoples of the Ochal Confederacy, allowing them to come together and celebrate their rich cultural heritage.   The Oneiric Calendar also serves as a tool for tracking time and scheduling important events, such as agricultural cycles, religious observances, and political milestones. The calendar's distinct month and day names help to prevent confusion and maintain an organized and harmonious society.


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