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Story: The Unseen Sun

What follows is an excerpt from an informative plaque in an exhibition in the Grand Museum in Halian City.

Exhibit: From Solus to Hazrad – A Historical Perspective

1. Era of Stability (Year 0 - Year 1273)
  This era was marked by a stable coexistence between the civilizations of Autumna. The Solus, a community of humble farmers living in the farthest reaches of the world, led a peaceful life, offering little interest to the technologically advanced civilizations such as the Halian Coalition.  
2. The Arrival of the Voidborn (Year 1274)
  The cosmos intruded on Autumna's tranquility with the emergence of the Voidborn. These formidable entities from the interstellar rifts unleashed an onslaught of destruction, plunging Autumna into an era of chaos and fear.  
3. The Voidborn's Reign of Terror (Year 1274 - Year 1287)
  The Voidborn's relentless assault proved devastating for the advanced civilizations of Autumna. Even the Halian Coalition, with its powerful warriors, wise scholars, and formidable sorcerers, failed to resist the Voidborn. Iconic landmarks such as the Spires of Harik, the Verdant Gardens of Esheron, and the Glittering Halls of Lyshara were decimated, symbolizing the decline of these civilizations.  
4. Rise of the Solus (Year 1287 - Year 1291)
  In the darkest hour, when despair seemed ubiquitous, the Solus rose to the challenge. This unlikely community of farmers shed their pastoral demeanor, standing against the Voidborn with an inspiring display of courage and determination. Their resistance grew stronger with every battle, transforming them from peaceful cultivators to formidable warriors.  
5. The Turning Tide (Year 1291 - Year 1293)
  The Solus began reclaiming Autumna, turning the tide against the Voidborn. Their growing strength and courage not only allowed them to resist the Voidborn but also to pursue the spectral entities to the very edges of the known cosmos, an act of bravery hitherto unseen in the history of Autumna.  
6. The Birth of the Hazrad (Year 1293 - Present)
  Upon their victorious return from the star-riddled abyss, the Solus had undergone a profound transformation. They emerged as the Hazrad, a new breed of cosmic guardians bearing signs of their victory and an enigmatic power that was as unsettling as it was awe-inspiring. Their metamorphosis signified the birth of a new epoch in Autumna's history, termed "The Unseen Sun."   Today, as we, the Halian Coalition, reflect upon this historical trajectory, we must grapple with an unanswered question: will the Hazrad, our unexpected saviors, remain as protectors, or will they evolve into a new force of dominion? This uncertainty casts a shadow over our collective future, a testament to the complex dynamics of power, transformation, and survival.  

Understanding is a four edged sword.

This is a story told from four perspectives. See the other three below.


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