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Story: The Rising Sun

In the heart of the vast world of Autumna, cradled amidst the rolling valleys and verdant mountains, we, the Solus, once plied our simple, unassuming lives. As farmers, we worked the earth under the watchful gaze of our twin moons, with dreams no loftier than the cloud-kissed summits of our home range. The grandeur of the elder nations, their shimmering spires and potent magics, were but distant tales carried on the winds to our hidden corner of the world.   But as the Voidborn descended from the gaping rifts between the stars, our tranquil existence was upturned, our world set ablaze. The calamitous tempest of their onslaught reduced our world to a mere shadow, our lives to fragments of what once was. The air, once filled with the intoxicating fragrance of life in bloom, became heavy with the stench of death and despair. The storms raged on, indiscriminate and insatiable, and we found ourselves caught in its maw.   Our lands, once rich and teeming with life, lay barren and charred. Our homes, simple and filled with love, crumbled under their relentless fury. Those we held dear were snatched away, their lives extinguished in an instant. The suns, once warm and comforting, now cast long, ominous shadows that spoke of unspeakable dread.   Yet, in our despair, we discovered a strength, a resilience we never knew we possessed. Birthed not from the abundance of power, but from the heart's obstinate defiance against the encroaching darkness. A fiery resolve, stoked by our love for our kin, a yearning for the serenity we once knew, and a fervent desire for a dawn unpolluted by the terrors of the night.   We rose, not as humble farmers, but as undaunted warriors. Each beat of our hearts echoed our resolve, refusing to submit to the Voidborn's wrath. Our losses were cataclysmic, our pains unbearable, but our spirit remained unbroken. We endured, standing our ground, our bodies marred but our spirits unwavering.   With each confrontation, we seized fragments of their power, prying it from the spectral clutches of the fallen Voidborn. With every loss we suffered, our strength grew, turning their power against them. The price was monumental, but it was one we were prepared to pay. Every scar etched into our flesh told a tale of loss, every victory a testament to our resilience.   We drove the Voidborn away, pushing them back into the starless rifts that were their realm. Yet, our journey was not at its end. With renewed determination, we pursued them into the ominous void.   When we finally emerged, we were no longer the Solus. We were the Hazrad. We had faced the abyss and emerged victorious, etched with the scars of a brutal struggle and imbued with the power of the cosmos.   Upon our return to Autumna, we did not parade our victory. We returned as pilgrims to the land that had once nurtured us, our hearts heavy with the memory of the past. We had become the Hazrad, protectors of Autumna, yet we still carried the spirit of the Solus within us. From the shadows to the stars, we had risen, carrying within us the memory of simpler times, the echo of our humble beginnings, and the lessons of our harrowing journey.  

Understanding is a four edged sword.

This is a story told from four perspectives. See the other three below.


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