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Capital Trade Route One

 The Capital Trade Routes are essentially "rivers in space" with huge amounts of commodities and passenger traffic. Currently, there are two, providing regular service to each of the SubSector capitals in the cluster.
      Capital Trade Route One is one of two major trade routes connecting the SubSector capitals in the Welcome to the Virgo Cluster. The sector government subsidizes very large cargo carriers but many smaller ships also will use the route stops as hubs or even supplementing portions of the route with more timely transportation than is accommodated by the large ships.  

A River of Stars

  As the Virgo Cluster has become explored and populated, capitals were created in most of the subsectors for consolidation and coordination of government. In an effort to ensure trade and information sharing around the cluster, the sector government established two major trade routes connecting the SubSector capitals. Ten very large subsidized merchant ships were commissioned, five serving each route, to carry large cargoes and modestly sized passenger manifests on a regularly scheduled basis. The merchants are capable of a three parsec jump, hence the spacing between many of the stops, but they may have smaller trips when there is a large or highly valuable stop along the way.   Unlike small traders who will take advantage of connections and opportunities, the large ships that ply the Capital Routes have stable trade opportunities and generally run over 90 percent full in both cargo and passengers. In areas where there is a higher risk for travel, the Cluster Navy provides escorts that can protect the traders against most any threat. These well established routes make for stable and consistent trade and travel.   The first section of the route from Mehroff to Norton consists of three 3 parsec jumps. Then a mostly 3 parsec route to Moradly. From there, a mixed of 2 and 3 parsec jumps to Kinonyes followed by a long 16 parsec trip of mostly 3 parsec jumps to Zaplary. Next we enter the area of the 73rd Fleet heading to Rehn and then a short trip of three 2 parsec jumps to the Cluster capital at Westholm System. Leaving there we take a set of 3 parsec jumps to Otis and then 14 parsecs of travel to Rodrig. Next is the leg with one of only two single parsec jumps heading to Frank then 15 parsecs to Zahn. The longest leg of 19 parsecs and 7 weekly jumps heads to Frisserm. Then it's an easy trip to Kahless System followed by the shortest (including the other single parsec jump) to Winters system.   Consisting of stops at systems with Class A and B starports, the exceptions are the stops at Chosir, Delsem, and Kubik which aren't stops at all, but merely a refueling points as the refueling is provided by a Navy squadron that specializes in gas giant refueling operations for ships without their own refining systems. While there is no opportunity for shore leave or other downtime off the ship, there is limited opportunity for passengers and cargo to be transferred which is supported by special Navy units. The squadron will follow the ship to Otis, Delsem, and Kubik. Of course, there is another squadron stationed at Kubik for the return route, so the two squadrons will trade places. This is usually a posting for a training squadron and may include other types of units to carry out various training exercises. Some people will specifically travel the route between Zhanis and Bang just for an opportunity to observe the Navy training and to catch a glimpse of some of the big ships of the Navy.
by Vaclav G. Ujcik
Location under
This route starts at Mehroff.
Jump 3 to Penebog
Jump 3 to Kadinata
Jump 3 to Norton system   Jump 3 to Caronie
Jump 2 to Pimana
Jump 3 to Vierane
Jump 3 to Moradly
  Jump 2 to Janishop
Jump 3 to Aramid
Jump 2 to Aste
Jump 3 to Kinonyes
  Jump 2 to Robinson
Jump 2 to Alell
Jump 3 to Averhar
Jump 3 to Torram
Jump 3 to Umika
Jump 3 to Zaplary
  Jump 2 to Rooks
Jump 2 to Endor
Jump 3 to Pagash
Jump 3 to Rehn
  Jump 2 to Smith
Jump 2 to Mouglite
Jump 2 to Westholm System
  Jump 3 to Ryomandi
Jump 3 to Zhanis
Jump 3 to Chosir
Jump 3 to Otis
  Jump 3 to Delsem
Jump 3 to Kubik
Jump 2 to Bang
Jump 3 to Lirant
Jump 3 to Orens
Jump 2 to Rodrig
  Jump 2 to Hammonth
Jump 2 to Deneen
Jump 3 to Ansi
Jump 2 to Gallennetti
Jump 3 to Elino
Jump 1 to Novioma
Jump 3 to Frank
  Jump 2 to Perech
Jump 2 to Ahushenk
Jump 3 to Maloria
Jump 3 to Inard
Jump 3 to Flandry
  Jump 2 to Budov
Jump 3 to Torm
Jump 3 to Zividi
Jump 2 to Giragus
Jump 3 to Rosmaker
Jump 2 to Zahn system
  Jump 2 to Sevastor
Jump 3 to Chirote
Jump 3 to Jildung
Jump 3 to Calavo
Jump 3 to Herndi
Jump 2 to Zyko
Jump 3 to Frisserm
  Jump 3 to Erisga
Jump 3 to Kasmart
Jump 3 to Duganima
Jump 2 to Kahless System
  Jump 3 to Mustell
Jump 3 to Pepernas
Jump 1 to Winters system


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Fair point. Most of the recent challenges (Bard, Tavern, etc.) crop up plenty in both Fantasy and Sci-Fi. Applying waterways to a genre where societies are often separated by the void of space instead of a mountain range is gonna require some license.   ----------------------------------------------------------------   Feel free to check out my Rivers/Waterways entry: Loch Mesner

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I would say that you have interpreted the challenge well for a sci-fi/space world! It will be interesting to see if you write some more on this one.   To some extent, you could write about what the planets have to offer in terms of resources thereby you can write about why this one trade route might be important. Or if it connects to a vital place somewhere like a defensive relay or station/planet that is important in some way for the owners.

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Good thing this route is run and safeguarded by the government, because piracy doesn't seem like fun when you can be stranded that far away from civilization. I assume the protective squadrons are tough enough that pirates don't really stand a chance? So probably best to infiltrate a ship and strike at a non-secured port instead...

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Nice way to interpret the challenge for your setting. Must be pretty safe route if it is that well protected.

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