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Rehn is the capital of the Virgo Sector and home to Grand Duke Sagan. Rehn also supports the government for the Rehn SubSector as the Grand Duke also holds the Dukedom for the SubSector as a lesser title.


Although relatively highly populated, Rehn is able to sustain the food and basic industrial necessities and interstellar trade is not a necessity, but always a welcome addition to life in the capital. The capital palace is located on an island near the northern temperate zone. This assists security forces and allows Grand Duke Sagan and his family some vestige of privacy.
Starport: Excellent
Diameter: 6797 km
Atmosphere: 0.2 Atm - O2N2 tainted
Population: 2 Billion
Balkanized Governments
Law Level: Long blades controlled, open possession prohibited
Tech Level: 15
No Gas Giants or Planetoid Belts
Naval Base present
by Vaclav G. Ujcik
by Vaclav G. Ujcik
Star System
Location under
Related Tradition (Primary)


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