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Beta Quadrant of Virgo Sector

Political intrigue is probably the hallmark of this quadrant. Recently the Archduke has not been getting along with the Grand Duke and there has been some posturing, both politically and militarily. While the Archduke's assets technically are also those of the sector, there is friction and some commanders have been having to make a decision as to where their loyalty lies.
Beta Quadrant is one of 4 Quadrants in the Virgo Sector . It consists of the Garrity SubSector, Pierce SubSector, Rehn SubSector, and Stark SubSector subsectors and has a population of over 180 billion within it's boarders. The Quadrant capital is located at Boerger, home of Archduke Tris. It also includes Rehn, the capital of the whole Virgo Sector.
Virgo Sector Beta Quadrant
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