Westholm System

Westholm is the capital of the Westholm SubSector and is unique in that it does not lie within one parsec of another system. This makes security of the system easier as it requires a two parsec drive (or refueling in open space) to reach the capital. Politically, this can make the government appear distant (literally and figuratively) and also requires trade to be done by more established merchant companies and free traders.   Being settled as a pure governmental colony and the ability to self support for food and water allows the system to support the Duke and the requisite agencies.
Starport: Excellent
Diameter: 13,556 km
Atmosphere: O2N2 mix with sulphur taint
Population: 3 Billion
Governmental Colony of the Empire
All firearms except shotguns prohibited
Tech Level: 12
3 Gas Giants and 2 Planetoid Belts
Naval Base
by Vaclav G. Ujcik
by Vaclav G. Ujcik
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