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Divine Domains

shadows, secrets, deception, betrayal, plots

Holy Books & Codes

Book of shadows

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A hood figure, piercing green eyes

Tenets of Faith

  • The brighter the light the darker the shadow
  • All secrets are hidden in shadows
  • All opportunities reveal themselves in time
  • Use those who believing in you as stepping stones to reach your goal

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To be the most powerful god in existence

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Xejor did not ascended like most other forsaken gods before him, rather is was born as a god himself. His would none other then Vulga'dume himself. This was do to him growing tired of all of his creations failing time after time as the ages past. So he had the idea of create a child that would be his treated as his own kin to do his bidding. He gave up an aspect of himself, one of shadows and created Xejor. He did his father proud as he caused chaos across the world as he manipulated the thoughts of mortal from the shadows and sowing descent between them. Many would be made is puppets in his elaborate games as he called them and just watch them as they progressed. Collecting secrets along the way to keep with him until he had use of them. But eventually he grow tired of serving his father and wanted to take his seat as his own. But his plans would not succeeded and he would be punish or barley get away with it at all. He soon started to meddle in the other affairs of gods as well trying to weaken them from time to time. Most of which would fail. He continues to meddle many affair of both gods and mortals to this very day. He just can help himself as he enjoys the misery of other as must as his father.
Divine Classification

Character Portrait image: Pagan temple spirit by Hamsterfly


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