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Divine Domains

Darkness, curroption, evil

Holy Books & Codes

The Laws of Darkness

Divine Symbols & Sigils

He needs no symbol for darkness is domain and it is everywhere.

Tenets of Faith

  • Darkness will always consume the light
  • No heart is safe from the corruption of Darkness
  • Darkness is never ending and will remain so even after the end of time
  • No place is safe from his power for no one can truly stop darkness


Day of Darkness

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Plunge the world into never ending darkness.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He has no shape or form for he is darkness and. he will take any shape that pleases him.

Special abilities

Can create creatures from his own essences

Specialized Equipment

The powers of darkness

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Vulga'dume has alway been the mysterious and the most terrifying of the Forsaken god, for no one knows where he came from or why he was such a dark and twisted creature when he ascended to godhood. All that we do know is that he is responsible for creating the most horrifying creatures that ever walked the earth. He goals are simple and yet they are complex, he is horrifying and yet he is not. He nothing but darkness incarnate and yet when fear him most of all. For it seems that we are all simply afraid of what lurks in that darkness that he has created. His power infinite, but is only bound to only the darkness for the light is his sworn enemy and he will do what ever it takes to snuff it out. Which is why he has created many creatures to do his bidding and spread darkness until in engulfed the world. His most noticeable creations are The Beast, Cazaka, the Lord of Night, and his son Xejor, the god of shadows. How that is possible is yet unknown to the world. What ever the case may be, he will always lurk in the place that all fear, darkness.
Divine Classification
Current Location


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