Celestial Dance

You have to admit that even the Elves in carvings look elegant when they dance. - Observer


Dedication to Faith

  The discovery of the dance is found at the ruins of Ma'Tesula. Signs of the dance are on a wall that is still intact, along with old stone markers with the sun and moon found on them with figures surrounding them. Many of these similar images have pointed to a ceremony dedicated to their deities. It is not far-fetched as some of the Elves still worship them to this day and have greatly revolved around their culture.


Unknown Performance

  The exact way the performance is done is hard to say with the pictures that come with them or that even the dance is the same for each celestial body. Considering that most dances need demonstration to understand them, and no information on them makes them impossible to replicate. All scholars can decipher is that the dance requires spinning and arms extending above the body. The rest of up to speculation for the rest to interpret. However, it has not stopped some people from trying to do it by creating moves to replicate what is being done. But it does not prove that it is indeed the proper sequence to confirm that the dance is authentic.


Due to the importance of this dance is concluded that the dance takes place during critical celestial configurations performed them, such as solstices, eclipses, and their height of power during the day or night cycles.

Alternate Theory

  While most people believe that it is a dance by the Elves in dedication to perform in honor of their gods, another theory was brought up by discovering another wall carving. Excavators found that under the ruins of Ma'Tesula, the dances are part of some ritual of unknown purpose as an altar was found on it. However, it was destroyed by accidental digging outside the ruins before researchers could further study it. Despite the setback, it hasn't stopped anyone from trying to figure out what the ritual in question surrounds the dance, from the simple ones such as praying to outrageous ones being able to summon their gods into the world. What the case may be, no one will ever really know what it truly all means.

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