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The Morning Realm

The Morning Realm is the setting for my current DnD campaign. It is a classical high fantasy world.  

Current Events

  • The Castellite High Queen was just assassinated with very same poisonous poisonous dye that has been trafficked through the Sewers. Many of her closest advisors have been seen with purple-tinted lips as of late.
  • The Theocracy of Krorus has declared war upon the rest of the world. They are all to happy to look the other way as they rapidly expand through the Lichen Marches, their armies swelling with undead.
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What makes the Morning Realm?

  The goal isn't to reinvent the wheel, but to tell the story of what that really meant to people. Empathy is key to the worldbuilding of the Morning Realm.   The world should feel like home, but more like your first apartment in the big city, away from your family. A place where you'll find new communities that embrace parts of you that you haven't gotten to explore before.   To that end
  • I want to use the building blocks provided by DnD in interesting ways.
  • I want to embrace fantasy tropes and the conceits of fantasy stories.
  • I want to introduce more practical magic to DnD.
  • I am prioritizing depth over originality
  Ultimately the Morning Realm is a hopeful and bright world. There are bittersweet moments and occasionally even dark ones, but those are there to make the victory of good feel earned.   The worst characters should be delightfully evil, and fun to take down. Their crimes can be awful, but any atrocities should be firmly fantastical; like raising undead.  

What should I know going in?

  The campaign is set in the The Castellan Kingdoms. The Castellan Kingdoms is one of the oldest nations in the Realm. It is the closest ally of the Argosian Empire , and happens to be sandwiched between the Lichen Marches, the territories conquered by the warmongering Theocracy of Krorus, and it's rival, the primarily elven nation of Courdonne.   The history of the Morning Realm is divided into three eras; the Spoken Era (SE), the Written Era (WE) and the Imperial Era (IE). As the Castellan Kingdoms remains the focus of worldbuilding, this history is somewhat biased towards their understanding of it.  

The Spoken Era

  Anything that predates written records is considered to be in the Spoken Era. During this time the Gods themselves walked the earth alongside their followers, but they did not stay. The old races; Elves, Dwarves and Humans all can trace their origins back to the Spoken Era. The Castellan Kingdoms were united sometime after the depature of the Gods, but before written record.  

The Written Era

The Written Era starts with the gift of writing and therefore history-keeping. Halflings arrived to the continent at some point during the Written Era, bringing advanced shipfaring with them.   Many of the Nations at large to this day originate in the Written Era. Courdonne was founded in 28 WE, and the Theocracy of Krorus in 466 WE.  

The Imperial Era

The Imperial Era starts with the foundation of the Argosian Empire. With it came the establishment of Universities first across the empire, and then all across the realm. Roads were massively improved, and the Portal Network was created. These improvements to infrastructure and knowledge alone have changed the realm entirely.
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