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Square of Twelvefold Blessings

The Square of Twelvefold blessings is a partially paved garden square in the Capital built around the Sacred Fig. The tree is heavily warded and always under guard by the Order of the Fig. The Square is one of the most important holy sites of the Temple of the Twelve, and is the most famous Site of Ascension.   The Breba festival is thrown when the fruit of the Sacred Fig ripens.  

Site of Ascencion

  A Sacred Fig is an essential part of any claim to be a Site of Ascension. In the Spoken Era, the Twelve chose future High Queen Nereida Castellan to be their representative in the realm of men. She took upon herself the mantle of Castellan, becoming his manifestation on earth. Then she was blessed twelvefold.   It is important to note that the Square of Twelvefold Blessings is not believed to be the only site of ascencion. Many villages claim that it was actually there that Nereida was given her divine mandate. In the theology of the Temple of the Twelve this is not considered contradictory. These locations and times are considered to be harmonic; the existence of one does not mean that the others are invalid. Theologists explain that important religious events can transcend the limitations of mortal ones, and can happen in multiple locations and times simultaneously.  

The Sacred Fig

  The Sacred Fig, also known as the Wishtree, is 98 feet tall, and has twelve main branches. It is maintained by treesinger Aurenn and a handful of Clerics. They are also responsible for collecting its fruit. This fruit is believed to have restorative properities, and that eating even one seed will help guide the soul safely to the afterlife. The fruit is reserved primarily for those who are severly ill and cannot be cured by other means.   It is also protected by a wall, and the Order of the Fig. These Knight-Paladins have a retinue keeping watch over the tree and it's pilgrims at all times.   The study of the Sacred Fig is called Lucology.  

The Wishtree

  It is a tradition for pilgrims to leave prayers at the Sacred Fig. These prayers are written on long strips of white cloth, which are fastened to the branches of the Sacred Fig by the clerics.  

The Death of the Tree

  The Sacred Fig is not the original. The tree died shortly after the water supply of the Capital was cursed in 268 IE. This was considered a terrible omen and would be followed by the death of thousands, including the High King and his children, to the Ashen Plague. The Sacred Fig was regrown from a propagation of the original.

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Square of Twelvefold Blessings

TypeMonument Square
MonumentSacred Fig, Site of Acension


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