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Written Era

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The Written Era begins with the creation of the dwarven alphabet and the start of record-keeping. Many of the Nations at large to this day originate in the Written Era.  

First Century

  The First Century of the Written Era sees the elven dynasties of the band together to form Courdonne in response to the rising Castellan Kingdom.   28 WECourdonne is founded. Corneille is the first Century King.
Early First Century — Promerus the Immortal becomes Patriach of the Great House.  

Second Century

  Promerus the Immortal dies in the early Second Century, almost a century old. Being human, he outlived all his children leaving no clear Grandmaster to follow. The remnants of the First Argosian Kingdom descend fully into civil war and discord after his death. City-states become the dominant power south of the Boiling Mountains, no longer reliant on the support of the Great House.   128 WE — Airard ascends to the Courdian Throne, becoming King Guernai II.
160 WE — Niannath gains prominence in Ksen, naming herself Matriach of the Great House.
190 WE — Niannath's (grand?)child Nikte conquers Haapsa, renaming it Niktopolis.  

Third Century

  The Third Century sees the rise of the Philosopher Kings.   228 WE — Liébaud ascends to the Courdian Throne, becoming King Guernai III.
269 WE — The Ashen Plague hits the Castellite Heartlands.
  • Sign of Crowns, 269 WE — High King Caspian and his children die to the Ashen Plague.
  • Sign of Dragons, 269 WE — Nereus Castellan, Caspian's nephew, is crowned High King.
  • Fourth Century

      328 WE — Noémye ascends to the Courdian Throne, becoming Queen Guernai.
    ~380 WE — The Halfling Seasteader Fleet arrives at the Heartian Peninusula.  

    Fifth Century

      428 WE — Sifroi ascends to the Courdian Throne, becoming King Guernai IV.
    432 WE16 of Magi. The Bookwardens are granted a guild charter in the Castellan Kingdom.
    466 WE — The Theocracy of Krorus  

    Sixth Century

      528 WE — Adelinne ascends to the Courdian Throne, becoming Queen Guernai II.
    544 WE — Thaumus Castellan is crowned High King.
    545 WE — The petty Kings of the Castellan Kingdoms are demoted to Counts and Marchesses.  

    Seventh Century


    Eighth Century

      742 WE — The Argosian Empire is officially founded, ending the Written Era.

    Written Era

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