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  The history of the Morning Realm is divided into three eras; the Spoken Era (SE), the Written Era (WE) and the Imperial Era (IE).  

The Spoken Era

The Spoken Era includes everything that predates modern written records. It spans the creation of the world itself, to the mythic years when the Gods themselves walked the earth, up until the first Castellan High Queens and Kings.   The old races; Elves, Dwarves, and Humans, all can trace their origins back to the Spoken Era.

The Written Era

The Written Era begins with the gift of writing and the start of record-keeping. Many of the Nations at large to this day originate in the Written Era. Courdonne was founded in 28 WE, and the Theocracy of Krorus in 466 WE.   Halflings arrived to the continent at some point during the Written Era, bringing advanced shipfaring with them.

The Imperial Era

The Imperial Era is defined by the rise of the Argosian Empire. With it came the establishment of Universities first across the empire, and then all across the realm. Roads were massively improved, and the Portal Network was created. These improvements to infrastructure and knowledge alone have changed the realm entirely.


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