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  Courdonne is one of the northern nations, and the third largest country in the realm. It is bordered in the south-west by Castellan Kingdoms, and by Villiers in the north-west. They share a long border to the east with the Empire of Trinais. In the south the Boiling Mountains forms a natural border with Storest.   Courdonne is ruled by a Century King who reigns for a full century. His reign is divided into four seasonal quarters, during which he is supported by a prince or a queen of the season. The courts are hard to navigate for those who did not grow up inside them, with a tangled web of hierachy that changes depending on physical season and the season of the century.

The Seasonal Courts

  The Seasonal Courts function both as the court of law and as the royal court of the Century King. The Spring and Summer Courts are based in Marilles, and the Autumn and Winter courts are based in Lumiers. The court moves between the cities each year at the end of summer and winter. When the reigning Court is in the châteaus and palaces of the other court, the other Queen is known as the Hostess.  

The Spring Court

The Spring Court is a trial by fire for a new Century King. He must reign alongside the Spring Prince, who is always mantled by a child. Through this, the Century King proves himself as the father of the court and country.  

The Summer Court

The Summer Court is by far the most friendly to newcomers. The Summer Queen is always one of the most seasoned and beloved members of the courts, and an especially talented hostess. Traditions of merriment are the hallmarks of the Summer Court, but as is the secretive Night Courts in the Châteaus where merriment takes a darker bent.  

The Autumn Court

The Autumn Court is a far quieter and more focused court. More laws and policies are drafted and enacted during the Autumn Court than any other. Wild parties give way to soirées, readings and concerts. These events are, however, not to be mistaken as less dangerous than the others, no Autumn Court goes by without at least ten high profile assassinations.  

The Winter Court

The Winter Court is the swan song of a Century King's reign. The cold season has little room for mistakes, a faux pas quickly turns deadly.


Demonym Courdian
Official Language(s) Courdonnais
Ethnic Groups
Religion Voiety ( "The Way" )
Capital City Lumiers ( Winter )
Marilles ( Summer )
  • Monarch
  • Elected Monarchy
    Century King Guernai
    Area 163k mi2 ( 263k km2 )
  • Laria 12k mi2 ( 19k km2 )
  • Population 7.4M   Territories
  • Laria 580K
  • Sigil Sequence CD


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    Jan 25, 2022 09:15 by Maybe Stewart

    Good work, here! There's just enough for me to understand what I need to know in an easy to digest package, but there are some really delicious morsels in there that I would love to hear more about. The concept of a ruler that is ruled by the seasons is so interesting to me, and I would love to know more about the rituals that come with each season!