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The Morning Realm

The Morning Realm is a continent floating in the Endless Sea. It has eight sovereign countries: Argosian Empire, Courdonne, Castellan Kingdoms, Empire of Trinais, Kataseko, Storest, Theocracy of Krorus, and Villiers. The Boiling Mountains creates a natural division of north and south.  

Countries of the Morning Realm

  • Argosian Empire — The Argosian Empire spans far and wide, from the sandy dunes of the Argosian Desert, to the densely populated and mild climate of southern coast.
  • Vassal States: Heartia, Olbia, Muresia, Dirtaria, and Hearhal
  • Courdonne — Woodland and farmland winds between the grand ancient cities and fabulous châteaus of Courdonne. Idyllic glamour hides a seething country rife with turmoil.
  • Vassal States: Laria
  • Castellan Kingdoms — From the rocky highlands to the the mild climate by the Siren Sea, the Castellan Kingdom is home to a diverse crowd.
  • Empire of Trinais — The so-called Elven Empire is the project of Elven Unificationists, a militant group of conservatives who seek to regain the glory of the past.
  • Vassal States: Auleria
  • Kataseko — The small jungle is still hostile to foreign intrusion, but the lizardfolk have recently started to establish small communities in other countries.
  • Storest — The mountainous region is ruled by guilds and company towns.
  • Theocracy of Krorus — The arid ichor-scarred badlands provide little to the people of the Theocracy. Instead they strech through the northern Lichen Marches for resources and bodies to extract them.
  • Vassal States: Lichen Marches
  • Villiers — Life in the mountainous northern region is harsh and cold. Villiers is known for cold weather, their tenacious griffon riders, and the strange song in the mountains that keeps luring their own away.

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    The Chthonic Realm

    The Chthonic Realm, also known as the Underworld, is a realm found underneath the Morning Realm. The Chthonic Realm is seperate from the Morning Realm, and most common communication spells such as sending are unable to be sent from the underworld to the overworld.



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