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Dzarbah (dʒ:ar̪ba)

Dzarbah is an island in the Southeastern Region, located over 1,800 miles northeast of Saba. Before the rise of the Malikate of Saba, it was conquered by the old Naga kingdom, and split away when Saba fell to the Malika's forces. Even before it was officially independent, the distance meant that it operated as a autonomous territory. However, without the support of the larger Naga government, the natives of the island rebelled against the Naga who had conquered them, and today the island is split between two nations. The larger country is called Tigzirt, and was founded by the Tigzirin people. The smaller country is the City-State of Almanfaa, and was founded after the rebellion by the Naga survivors. Tensions remain high between the two neighbors, and it is an enduring mystery why the Tigzirin have not fully expelled the Naga from the island.   The largest city on the island is Ulzuz, on the northern coast. Ulzuz is a common stop for ships travelling the Great Ring, and is one of the largest ports found between the Kaphtor Islands and the Malikate of Saba.

Notable Spirits

The most worshipped deity on the island of Dzarbah is Red-Crowned Niet. The Naga had imprisoned her during their reign over the island, but she was freed during the Tigzirin rebellion, and her blessings were granted to those warriors who slew the most in battle. It is said that it was her priests who forbade the final destruction of the Naga, and some whisper that whatever power or knowledge they used to imprison her is still in their hands and that they have used this leverage to prevent their destruction. Annual games are held in Niet's honor, and always include a number of combat events, sometimes to the death.


The island is mostly flat, with a few small hills. Sandy beaches line the coast, and the interior is fertile plains.


Dzarbah is a fertile land, famous for its orchards and farms. Palm and olive groves are common, along with the famous Anabe tree which can be found in groves all over the island. The fruit and flowers of the Anabe tree contain a potent intoxicant, capable of inducing a sense of peace and calm, along with pleasant dreams. The consumption of Anabe fruit is addictive, and some sailor's stories describe the entire island as enslaved to the tree, a gross exaggeration most prevalent in the Kaphtor Islands. The juice of the Anabe can be fermented and concentrated into a strong, sweet liquor known as loto. The Anabe has not been successfully transplanted to other islands, and the fruit does not travel well, but loto is popular in many ports.
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Geographic Details
Location: Southeastern Region
Latitude: 32.69 degrees North
Longitude: 31.95 degrees East
Average Elevation: 23 ft
Highest Point: 157 ft
Lowest Point: -20 ft
Area: 198 sq mi


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