Telling Deck: Air Deck

Outer Deck

The Air Deck is one of six major, or “Outer,” decks.   Representing the cardinal direction of Flat, the Air Deck symbolizes themes of Creativity. As with the element of Flat, this deck is considered to be symbolically and simultaneously “Dry,” “Uncovered,” and “Revealed,” or having elements of being outwardly-expressed, but also cumulative, responsive, and opening.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

It contains ten cards, each with their own place in the larger narrative:  

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  3. Siroc, The Sandstorm  : As they are harvesting, a sandstorm arises, leading to confusion, misdirection, and eventually forcing the Artist to take cover.
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As a structural mechanism, this deck follows the narrative of a hypothetical Tole on a journey to understand the self.  

The Artist gathers their pack and prepares to go on a journey to gather their materials. As they are harvesting, a sandstorm arises, leading to confusion, misdirection, and eventually forcing the Artist to take cover. When the dust settles, The Artist finds themselves wandering the desert, where heat and thirst reveals a vision of wind and water, and the Artist must determine if the vision is reality or a mirage, to move closer or farther from the dream. As they find shelter, the Artist engages the vision, building a windmill to pull water from the desert sands. Their new life develops a routine, one that is one day interrupted by the sound of chimes and bells: a caravan approaches. The Artist has an opportunity to make an impression on the Caravan, affecting how well the trade will play out. Since the artist has little to give aside from water, but the supply needs of the Artist are great, the Caravan asks the Artist to solve a problem they are having. The Artist must decide to become the Inventor, finding a way to resolve the issue even if the cause or outcome does not affect them personally. To do so successfully requires them to tackle the puzzle strategically, as a leader directing and motivating the actions of others. The result transforms the Artist yet again to become The Ambassador: they now choose how they move forward, whether to continue to lead others, or to warn them away.
  Like the element of Flat it represents, this deck is considered to be Uncovered and Revealed : You are aware of the ways in which you instinctively move to leave a mark on the world, and this talent, especially when trained and cultivated, is readily apparent to others

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Telling Deck
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Telling Deck cards are usually made of a stiff, heavy paper, sometimes with a waxen coat to protect the images.

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