Northern Walkingfolk

The Northern Walkingfolk are an ethnicity of the Walkingfolk, and are found on the North and Northeastern areas and coasts of The Inbound Lands.   Until recently, they were divided from their cousins, the Southern Walkingfolk, by the territories of the Bean. Unlike their cousins, over time the Northern Walkingfolk territories have become a protectorate of the Ni'kashiga, rather than an independent nation, and these lands constitute the areas of Ochi O'we, Ochi Ni'nini, and Ochi Paxu.  

Origin of the Name

Pa'xo'Anman is a word of Birdfolk origin, literally translated as "Mountain/Hill Others," but better understood as "Those who rise from the Earth." In Aengli, they refer to themselves as "Northern Walkingfolk," or, prior to formation of The Green, as simply "Northerners."   This article is a Work in Progress. Please stay tuned for more updates!
a Pa'xo'Anman, here with distinctive red hair and ruddy skin

Cover image: Kkaxe River banner by M Kelley


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