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Summer Camp 2023 Reading Challenge

Summer Campy 2023 Wrap-up Thoughts

This may be a bit stream of consciousness so please forgive me haha. This year's Summer Camp was likely one of the most fulfilling personally for me. It is my sixth year taking part in the summer camp, I've been doing it since its inception or maybe the second year of its running I can't recall. But regardless, this year despite the increased challenge of writing 42 prompts (45 if you include the three I wrote just before the challenge began), I have never felt as inspired and motivated during the summer camp.  
Often I struggle to come up with ideas and I get hung up on images or design etc. But this year, the ideas just flowed like water and every time I sat down the words came to me immediately. It was surreal.   And I know that won't always be the case, and that is fine, but as a person who struggles with self-praise and imposter syndrome a lot, it was really nice and affirming to know that despite long breaks from World Anvil and writing in general, that my creativity and writing skills are still strong and accessible to me. And that regardless of if I win any of the prompt categories I am still super proud of myself for what I've written this year.   All that being said, I have collected all of my completed prompts, including the preview ones I made in late June on my summary page linked to the right of this text.

Summer Camp 2023 Reading Challenge

Here are the articles I decided to highlight for the August Summer Camp 2023 Reading Challenge. Two major factors played into why I chose these particular prompts to read. I mainly wanted to see how other people approached the prompts that I found the most fun/inspiring and the ones that I found the most difficult where I had to go outside of my comfort zone. Just for fun, and for ease of comparison, I included my prompts for each of these as well in a sidebar to the right. I have made sure to link back to the authors as much as I can, including the article, the world, and the author's page if accessible.
Prompt 1 - A cuisine from a sparse, barren or remote region in your world
Article 1 - Rock Chocolate by Kriltch
Kriltch did a great job describing this food. I feel like I have such a strong visual of how this chocolate-like treat looks, how it is made and what it looks and feels like when it is done.   The only thing I was left wanting was a curiosity to know if it has any cultural significance where it is commonly made. For example, if it is consumed more often during special events, or as comfort food, etc.  
Why I chose this prompt for the Reading Challenge: This one I am just super curious to see how people approached food in their world and in their writing. And that if, like me, there is an appeal to include real recipes or cooking practices within the articles.   My Experience: For me I have always cooked in real life, I grew up in the kitchen with my family. So, when I do these sorts of articles I always love to include an actual recipe.   And this time around I just wanted to do something silly, and man I laughed so frequently at this article while writing it that I had to take breaks. Easily one of my favourite articles from this year.  
My Submission:
B.O.E.R.Fs - Body Operation Energy Refuel Foods
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 12, 2023
Article 2 - Mayab Cusine by Kefkejaco
This was a very enjoyable article that was written from an interesting perspective. It was written from the perspective of a Carthaginian experiencing the culture and food of the native people of the area over time and recording it for his home.   This gave the article a more personal feeling, and it felt like as a reader we were discovering and learning together with the writer. And very cool use of language as well in the article. Very well done.  
Article 3 - Floating Briar Brandy by BCGR_Wurth
I was very impressed by the knowledge shared in this article, it was very clear that the writer did their research and knew about the real process of the distillation process of alcohol.   And to further that there was a great explanation of the brandy's cultural importance. For example, its use in the world with how people share it with those that they have accepted into their group.  

Prompt 2 - A children's tale or song based on a real event
Article 1 - Run Run Run by Basic Dragon
This article felt unique to me as not only was it rife with lore, there was a playground game associated with it. The game itself felt like something actual children would play, in fact, it felt very akin to something I played as a child.   And the lore behind the game was fleshed out and gave the game a sort of creepiness factor that was unexpected. Almost like a "Pocket Full of Posies" situation, where the game is innocent enough by the history behind it is rather dark or bleak.  
Why I chose this prompt for the Reading Challenge: My main interest in many of the articles I have chosen to highlight is just to see how others interpreted the prompts, especially those that I struggled with myself. This one in particular was difficult for me, so I wanted to see how others approached it. And from what I have read many others approached it in a similar fashion and went as far as writing lyrics to songs or inventing games, which was really cool to see.   My Experience: This was one of the ones I really struggled with, I struggled to think of something that fit the prompt but was also sufficiently sci-fi feeling for my world. And the more I thought about it the more I wanted to differentiate it from being a standard children's fable or something, so I decided to challenge myself and write a song.   And somehow I fell upon a country-western song about the singer's experience with having a parent who was always away at work. And I ended up being really pleased with the results despite my initial difficulties.  
My Submission:
Distant Voyager by Anatoal Silverhawk
Myth | Jul 20, 2023
Article 2 - Take a sip of old Lake Erie by Out of Depth
This was such a creepy and well-built piece, I found myself singing it to myself while reading, and then realizing what it was about while singing really escalated how the eerie.   Also, I am not too far from the real Lake Erie. I live right on the southern tip of Lake Ontario. So I was really able to visualize the setting behind this. I am legit still humming this tune in my head, great stuff.  
Article 3 - Brave Burgermeister by Emily Armstrong
I mean this was just such a fun article to read. I can visualize this song being sung to children in a park or theatre by a children's performing troupe.   And going that extra mile and actually recording the song was so great, I am so impressed by the talent of the worldbuilders and writers on this site. It is incredible.
Prompt 3 - A profession that has been rendered obsolete
Article 1 - Governor General of Canada by TynenTM
I really love alternate timeline stuff, I think it is a fascinating exercise to think about how one or two small changes could affect the entirety of our world. Admittedly I first clicked on this because my eye was drawn toward the word "Canada" and as a Canadian, I felt obligated to click.   And I am glad I did, I thought it was really interesting how and why the role was rendered obsolete and how early in Canada's history it occurred. Basically erasing almost thirty people who have sat in the role since then and to this day.  
Why I chose this prompt for the Reading Challenge: I wanted to see how others handled a prompt that gave me so much trouble. Which seems to be the main driving theme of my reading challenge this year.   My Experience: For some reason, this was the one prompt that I struggled with the most. It was actually the very last prompt I wrote and submitted for Summer Camp. Delta Space is a world that despite being sci-fi is still filled with manual labour and tactile technology that requires physical interaction. So many jobs are still required despite access to advanced technology.   In the end, I didn't even write about a profession, which was a bit of a cheat admittedly, but I did enjoy what I ended up writing. Which was about the use and eventual removal of Automated Items Checkout machines, basically akin to real-world self-checkout machines.  
My Submission:
AICs - Automated Items Checkouts
Profession | Jul 31, 2023
Article 2 - Ink Alchemist by Monzoobo
I really like the thought of just stumbling upon an ancient spell that an Ink Alchemist created in a dusty library somewhere in this world. Or seeing a magical painting glow or move around in a long-forgotten hall somewhere.   The writer of this article did a great job describing a full picture of this in only a few paragraphs. Long articles can be great, but I really appreciate how concise this is and that it paints a clear picture of what you an Ink Alchemist is and why they aren't prevalent anymore.  
Article 3 - Curtain passerby by Revyera
This article did a really good job of getting me interested in the rest of the world, it seems like a really interesting concept and has me quite intrigued. Both the article and the world from what I have seen thus far have this mysterious almost creepy vibe.   What I really liked about this article was that it enticed me to learn more about the rest of the world, doing a good job of linking to other related articles and giving preview descriptions of associated articles.  

Goals for the remainder of the year;

I have been really enjoying working on the Delta Space and taking a break from my more classic fantasy work via my other world Fyria. I feel like I have taken all that I have learned over the years writing on World Anvil and applied it to this newer setting.   It feels more cohesive and less stuck together if that makes sense. So, my goal is to continue writing for the Delta Space and hopefully through the next six months or so create a setting that I can actually compile into a proper TTRPG setting. My main goal is to by end of the year start producing a properly laid out campaign setting that I can share with the wider TTRPG community.


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Aug 11, 2023 20:29

I'm happy you've included my article in your challenge and that you liked both it and the world it is in. I wish you tons of inspiration and motivation to write anything you want, and good luck with any goals you might have.

Aug 31, 2023 02:05 by Molly Marjorie

I like the idea of writing about prompts that you struggled with. Good luck with your world building this year!

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