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Curtain passerby

Back when The Curtain still existed, there were some cases where something from the spiritual world got through the tears in it to the material one or vice versa, where some parts of the material world were sucked out to the other side. So once in a while, someone had to be sent there to extract the things and beings that didn't belong to the world of Spirits. That someone were the Curtain passerby, Faceless Ones, specializing in dealing with the environment of the spiritual world. They knew how to traverse its ever-shifting lands, how to interact with spirits they might find there, which things to avoid and which to run away from.



After being created, each Faceless One went through a series of trials that would let them discover the possible roles they could fulfill in their teams. Those tests require them to go to the other side of The Curtain and either survive enough time after moving out from their starting point and returning to it or by finding another tear close by that could be used to pass back to the material world. If the Faceless One can find their way back and doesn't get dizzy when traversing the immaterial world.
Once they get approved to be serving in this role, whenever an empty spot appears in one of the other teams (or their own), they might apply for a change of teams or their responsibilities. They keep their new role until they decide to change it again or, in case there are not enough others who could fulfill it, the waiting period for the next change might be a little postponed until further notice.
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No longer needed

As it is easy to expect. since The Curtain fell and the spiritual and material worlds merged together, this role is no longer needed. And since The Faceless organization also fell apart completely, the people might even not know that it ever existed.


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3 Aug, 2023 18:49

This article has me really intrigued to read more about this world. It sounds like at one point in time these people were absolutely necessary or things could potentially get dicey. I would be interested to know what happened to these Faceless Ones after the Curtain passerby role ended.

3 Sep, 2023 20:51

I'm happy to hear you liked it!

31 Aug, 2023 02:09

What an interesting premise! The Faceless ones proving they can survive reminds me of the witches and their daemons separating in His Dark Materials. But then the reason for them becoming obsolete says so much about the world!

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3 Sep, 2023 20:52

Thanks, and I'm glad to hear you liked it!