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The Faceless

And they will come from beyond The Curtain, from the world of the warped ideas, and their armies will feast on [our] flesh.
— The first fragment of The Prophecy that described the Spirits.
Only after the first of the Beasts has been found sleeping inside of the Mayotte Island Volcano that those who knew about The Prophecy decided to further check its genuineness. A group of scientists got particularly interested in the idea of the world beyond the mysterious Curtain. Supplied with the funds coming from those few who knew about and believed in the words of The Prophecy, they formed SSB, or Scientific Study of Beyond.  

Discovery of the Curtain

The first step is always the hardest and so it was this time. After all, SSB had to prove the existence of another world that both deeply influences and is influenced by the material one, and the existence of something that separates the two of them. 2 years after founding of SSB, 43 years before Extinction a text that revealed a ritual needed to pass through The Curtain has been rediscovered. Soon after, the first expedition to the other world has been conducted in the catacombs under Paris. And although most of the participants died that day, both The Curtain and what lies beyond it has been proven to exist by both the eyewitnesses and video recordings.   SSB got more funds to continue their research.  

Smaller discoveries

For the next few years, SSB experimented in various ways with the conceptual world and its properties. They managed to discover many things:
  • Besides the equivalents of places filled with many strong memories or emotions, the landscape of the spiritual world constantly changes.
  • The place is filled with many (mostly) dangerous sentient and sometimes sapient beings.
  • Most conventional weapons don't harm the Spirits in any way. However, just like it is with the places, if there are strong memories bound to the weapon, it will be able to damage them. Holy relics prove to be especially useful.
  • Any items that are traditionally considered "protective", such as salt, charms, talismans, and silver, can completely stop Spirits from entering the area as long as said Spirits aren't themselves related to one of them.
  Thanks to all of those discoveries, SSB managed to create multiple research outposts safe from the influence of the Spirits. What they found interesting, the equivalents of those places in the material world were protected in the same way.  

Three great discoveries - The Body, The Blood, The Soul

The Body

And those who bore the suits marked with these symbols, the symbols of silence and purity [of mind], didn't have to fear Their attacks and no evil entered their bodies.
— Excerpt of the Passage of Body
Although it was possible to create areas safe from Spirits, traveling from one to the other was still very deadly. Luckily, a solution has been found. 28 years before the Extinction a new part of the texts of The Prophecy has been translated. It contained a description of armor with mysterious symbols written on its inside. According to the texts, said armor would protect one from both the attacks and possession by Spirits.
With some modernization, suits simply called The Body, became standard equipment for anyone going beyond The Curtain.  

The Blood and S.I.B.A

Although members of SSB were now able to withstand a few of the attacks of Spirits, they still had to fight them using weapons with strong memories attached to them. For that attachment to exist, most of them had to be pretty old and already fragile. Additionally, buying holy relics was both hard and expensive.
Once again, a new solution has been found in the Passages of The Prophecy. The Passage of Blood described the ritual that manifested a small fragment of The Curtain as a fluid. Thanks to this discovery, S.I.B.A. - Spiritually Infused Bullet Arsenal firearms were created.  

The Soul

The last of the three Passages, the Passage of Soul described a ritual that could separate one's soul from the body and "submerge" it in The Curtain. However, even if one survived said ritual, the Spirits often attached to their soul and once it returned to their body, they would lash out, destroying everything they saw.
That was the norm until one of the scientists managed to discover the way to create the Faceless Ones.  

The Faceless Ones

Their bodies carved from earth,
Their blood a liquid of Beyond,
Their souls a mix of two,
Those holy warriors stood against the beastly flood,
Giving the 12 the ground to fight.
Magnum opus of SSB, the Faceless Ones were the fruit of linking the knowledge of all three Passages to create a being, a mixture of a human and Spirit, capable of fighting the Spirits on equal ground. Their name came from the helmets that lack any features before the ritual of the Soul warps them. Even the presence of one of them drastically lowered the mortality rates during the expeditions. SSB (now known as The Faceless) quickly started investing in gathering resources needed to create them.
According to ancient texts, they were supposed to support the 12 Heroes (ZODIAC) by diverting the hostile forces.
  But when the Extinction began, the ZODIAC never came.  


Through the 4 years of Extinction, the Faceless fought Lords tooth and nail. Unfortunately, with each small victory, a major loss would come soon after. During those years, using their knowledge, they created many hidden safe havens, supplied humans with weapons capable of harming Spirits and provided them with resources needed to survive.
On 13/7/4 operation "Show must go on" was conducted. It was a last, desperate attempt to stop the Lords from tearing down The Curtain. Almost 3000 Faceless Ones died that day and sadly, they failed.  

After Extinction

Even after The Extinction has ended and only a handful of Faceless Ones and former Faceless employees survived, they still try to use their knowledge to help the remains of humanity. The wards they place create places safe from the Spirits, such as The Refuge. Their combat expertise and abilities save lives every passing day.
They became shining beacons in those tragic years. Some became knights in shining armor and some decided to take advantage of their power.

To reach beyond the Curtain

Expedition, Scientific
After -22BE: Military, Special Operations Force
Alternative Names
Scientific Study of Beyond (SSB)
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In the beginning, while still operating under the name of the Scientific Study of Beyond, the organization's first headquarters were located in Paris. The vast catacombs located under the city proved to be a great starting point for research as the mythos and rumors related to them were both caused by The Curtain in the area being thinner than normal and the main cause of its erosion.   Not long after the first expeditions which have proven the existence of the second, spiritual world, the organization gathered enough funds to increase the range of its influence and open more offices in other parts of the world. 20 years before the extinction, The Faceless could be found in every major country, on every continent, and in most areas where the border between the worlds has been weakened naturally or artificially.

Character flag image: Faceless Logo by Revyera

Before the Extinction

... 1 BE

  • -52 BE

    Discovery of The Prophecy
    Discovery, Scientific

    Mysterious scrolls, murals, and reliefs have been found deep in one of the African jungles. They all seem to predict some catastrophic event caused by three threats - giant beasts, some lesser beings, and creatures that rule over them. Genuineness of texts is (at least partially) proven when two giant beasts are found sleeping in places marked on one of the maps.   Translation efforts begin. The discovery is being kept as a secret.

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    The Prophecy
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  • -45 BE

    Founding of the Scientific Study of Beyond

    Partial translation of The Prophecy describes the concept-based beings living in the world deeply intertwined but mostly inaccessible from material one.
    Scientific Study of Beyond is formed to research the possibility of the existence of the said immaterial world. Its headquarters are established within the city of Paris.

  • -43 BE

    First Expedition beyond the Curtain

    Thanks to the further translations of The Prophecy, a ritual that opens a passage between the material and immaterial world is discovered.   A group consisting of 4 scientists and 6 soldiers is sent beyond the Curtain. Only one of the soldiers manages to return. The passage is closed.
    The soldier requires medical and psychological rehabilitation. The only thing remaining of his colleagues are the audio recordings describing the conceptual world.   Preparations for further expeditions begin.

  • -42 BE

    -30 BE

    Years of experimentation, first outposts beyond The Curtain
    Construction beginning/end

    During those years, SSB tried to find any ways to protect themselves from the Spirits and their influence during expeditions. Many lives were lost in that period, but they managed to discover ways to ward off the areas beyond the Curtain and finally managed to create a first research base in the other world.   SSB starts to help around the world with the cases where Spirits manage to crawl through the cracks in The Curtain. It takes on a new name - The Faceless.

  • -30 BE

    Translation of the Passages of Body
    Discovery, Scientific

    Passages of Body, fragments of the Prophecy that describe an ancient method of producing armor resistant to Spirits, get translated. Efforts of modernizing the designs begin.

  • -28 BE

    First Creation - Body
    Technological achievement

    The first armor following the designs from the Passages of Body is created. Experiments prove its ability to stop the attacks of the Spirits and lowering the chance of getting possessed or controlled by them. In the following years, the rate of expeditions with at least one casualty drops from 70% to 30%.

  • -27 BE

    Translation of the Passages of Blood
    Discovery, Scientific

    Second of the more important passages related to the world beyond The Curtain gets translated. This time, it describes a ritual that lets one manifest a small part of The Curtain as a fluid that can separate or magnify the influence between the material and the conceptual world. Research related to finding the possible uses of "Blood" begins.

  • -26 BE

    Translation of the Passages of Soul
    Discovery, Scientific

    The last of the three Passages is translated. It describes a ritual that separates the human soul and mixes it with a Spirit. According to those records, utilizing all three Passages is a way to create warriors capable to fight against the Spirits.

  • -26 BE

    SIBA weapons production
    Technological achievement

    Engineers of The Faceless manage to design and prototype the firearms which infuse the shot pellets with the properties of the Blood that are easy to produce.

  • -22 BE

    Successful creation of Faceless Ones
    Technological achievement

    The Faceless manage to create the first few Faceless Ones, a human soul-Spirit hybrid infusing an armor, by successfully combining the rituals of Body, Blood, and Soul.

  • -22 BE

    Establishing contact between Faceless and Creation Project
    Diplomatic action

    The Faceless and Creation Project begin a trade. The Faceless share their research related to the translated parts of The Prophecy and the conceptual world while the Creation Project supports them by mass-producing the armor and weapons designed by The Faceless.

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  • -18 BE

    Establishing bases around the world
    Diplomatic action

    Thanks to their growing success rate in both exploring the conceptual world and eliminating any threats coming from it, the influence of The Faceless grows to the point they can open more and more outposts all around the world, in places where The Curtain is thinner.


0 BE 0 BE

  • 0 E

    4 /10

    Beginning of the Extinction
    Era beginning/end

    The day the Lords began their attack with the intent of eradicating the humans.

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After Extinction

4 AE and beyond

  • 4 AE

    13 /7

    Operation "Show must go on", end of Extinction
    Era beginning/end

    The last, mobilized, failed effort to stop the Lords from destroying The Curtain.

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    "Show must go on"
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  • 4 AE

    16 /7

    Last contact with The Faceless

    Three days after operation "Show must go on" has failed, all contact with the human members of the organization has been lost.

    Additional timelines


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