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Summer Camp 2023 Goals and Progress Report


Hi all, this year I have decided to focus on The Delta Space for Summer Camp. Typically, for Summer Camp, I write on my more well-known fantasy-themed world of Fyria but I've had a really strong urge to write sci-fi as of late and I am really liking what I've been building behind the scenes with this world. And I am really excited to expand upon it using Summer Camp as inspiration. As per usual my goal is to complete every single prompt thrown at us for this challenge, and despite work and my personal life being as busy as always I am fully committed to knocking this challenge out of the park and not only writing some cool, fun, and hopefully weird article but also designing some fun pages as I always seem to fall into when doing these challenge. Excited as per usual for Summer Camp, this is year number six for me in doing this challenge which is insane. Anyways, if you are so inclined please give me and/or Delta Space a follow and come along with me for Summer Camp 2023!

Preview Articles

I wanted to get into the flow of writing a bit early this year, instead of my usual fair of starting cold on July 1st. Below are two articles that I had partially completed a few months ago but have now fully completed and posted. These give a bit of an insight into what resides in and how The Delta Space operates.

Bronze Articles


Silver Articles


Gold Articles



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