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Rock Chocolate

Rock chocolate is a delicacy among delicacies. It comes in a specially made hollow metal cup with a cork exterior. The cup overflows with frost, the several medium-sized spheres of rock chocolate chilled and glinting at the gourmand.  


Within the forests of the north-western point of Lake Folci grows a special kind of Estebyel that grows under the ever-present snow. Its crystalline structure, the drmiøzlk of the plant, is indistinguishable from the surrounding snow, only its slightly sweet and floral smell attracts pollinators. It is far from any large civilization, only a few small towns create rock chocolate from the drmiøzlk.  


To create rock chocolate, take four parts drmiøzlk, one part sugar-melt made from syrup, and one part barley-milk. Crush the drmiøzlk in a mortar, and add the sugar-melt and barley milk to a pot to boil. Once the sugar-melt is dissolved and the mixture is slightly boiling, add the crushed drmiøzlk. Then, mix and continue crushing until the rock chocolate is a consistent texture.

Afterwards, blast-freeze the rock chocolate until it is fully frozen through. Then, allow the ice to melt into a mold. Freeze it again, this time in a dark room with temperatures that would cause frostbite in a matter of minutes. Repeat this process for half a day.

Once the freezing process is done, the rock chocolate spheres are done and are served in the traditional cup. The spheres, if not eaten within a day, are discarded as they will have lost their flavor. Eat them quickly as they will lose their indescribably unique texture and much of their flavor when they melt.


The best part of rock chocolate is the texture. It's very difficult to describe as it is wholly unique. It's hard, as any frozen thing should be. It is dense, the feedback of biting down may suggest one could not bite through. But one can bite through, and easily at that. It is unbelievably smooth, covering all areas of a mouth with flavor. Chewing will only last a few gnaws before it melts and loses that smooth hardness. But while it's still frozen, one would swear they both have something and don't have something in their mouths.


Like chocolate, rock chocolate is ironey and metallic. It tastes a bit like fruity blood, but without any of the extreme tartness of any fruit and not the salt of blood. It is sweet, but not overly sweet. It tastes, well, like a fruity chocolate, go figure. While the flavor is quite pleasurable, it is not where the divinity is found in rock chocolate, that would be the texture.


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5 Aug, 2023 21:37

Great job describing this treat, I feel like I have such a strong visual of how this chocolate is made and what it looks and feels like when it is done. I would be curious to know if it has any cultural significance where it is more commonly made, i.e. if it is consumed more often during special events, or as comfort food, etc. And great idea to tie it to another one of your articles, explaining the plant in which it is made from.

8 Aug, 2023 18:01

Thank you! It would definitely be made during festivals and special events as any good sweet would. My plan for my world is to make an interconnected mess, so many articles will be referenced as I make them.

Kriltch, arcanities not included.
12 Aug, 2023 15:49

This sounds amazing. I love how you described the creation process as well as the taste and texture. Is it based on anything real?

Lilliana Casper   I don't comment much, but I love reading your articles! Please check out my worlds, Jerde and Tread of Darkness.
12 Aug, 2023 21:33

Not really! I did visualize rock candy when making the article, but nothing else comes to mind for its inspiration.

Kriltch, arcanities not included.