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Waves Beyond Limit

Out of Depth
Our company, Out of Depth has decided to start a world building project! For those that don't know us, we like to tell stories and explore they enrich the human experience. We're currently working on an actual play RPG podcast called Out of Depth Plays, just finished its third season.. You can listen to it wherever you get podcasts linked here: https://out-of-depth-plays.captivate.fm/listen     WAVES BEYOND LIMIT will function as a repository of lore, stories, art and ephemera for our gaming sessions, short stories and more. In fact our newest season of the podcast will take place in this universe! So if you'd like to learn more about world our players will be engaging in, take a look around. Start by navigating to the Earthwave folder and check out some of the major players on this cyberpunk version of our planet. We recommend Pantodyne Industries or Kukes Co. .