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Anomie United

Okay folks settle in, I'm here to help you understand what you're up against. Just by being here, you are making it crystal clear to me and my staff that you take your child's future seriously.   You've probably heard about Anomie United from the news. It started out in Chicago as a bunch of kids who felt like they didn't fit in. No big deal, right? Wrong.   These social wallflowers started reading a variety of radical texts by the worst that philosophy and sociology has to offer. Kierkegaard. Nietzche, Foucolt. Bakunin. Letting teenagers read this kind of work without any kind of guidance is like handing them a loaded gun.   From these texts and others, Anomie United started to codify their shared interests into a belief system. Now we're talking about an ideology that mixes nihilsm, anarchism, with this childish narcissistic world view that the world can't be made better unless they're in charge. It makes my blood boil, to be honest.   After developing their little ethos - if you could call it that- they started actively recruiting others to their cause. According to TISN data, it was when a young man by the name of Jazon Kepplinger joined the group that it went from namby-pamby book club for indoor kids to a cult of fear and violence.   Unlike many of the other kids, Jazon was charismatic and knew how to manipulate the other kids to do his bidding. He created initiation rituals and rules to to remain in his good graces hierarchies. And it was Jazon Kepplinger who came up with the name Anomie United.  

But what does Anomie United stand for really?

Oh boy. Every once in a while I get this question from a parent. They’re thinking that maybe the kids are just misunderstood. Maybe they’re on to something they just need some direction.   For those who don't know what Anomie means, it's a sociological condition that develops when there's a break down in moral values. It's a dysfunction where you feel like you can't operate within normal societal situations, like going to school or making friends, because you think the world is too fucked up.   Anomie United says they see the world as it really is. Dark. Oppressive. Dystopic. But the key is that they blame their dysfunction on others, particularly older generations. Don't forget, these same kids who think they know how the world works are also only five years removed from thinking Santa Claus was a real magical being.   So now they're going to throw it back in our faces by your sons and daughters. They want to further breakdown society and normalcy, so everyone is the same: miserable.   What they stand for? They stand for everything they say they’re against – that’s what.   And I wish I could tell you this group was a harmless bunch of Chicago crybabies, but it gets worse. They set Sen. Gaines on fire and fire-bombed the Art Institute, all under the behest of Jazon Kepplinger who has gone into hiding like the little rat he is. And with that, Anomie United attracted national attention, which means your kids are reading about them. Your neighbor's kids are reading about them. And they're getting seduced by Jazon Kepplinger's playbook.   So there's your little history lesson. Now let's get to what you're here for: how you can tell if your child is becoming a minion of Anomie United and how to stop it.

Warning Signs

  1. Does your son or daughter feel distant or cold?
Sometimes they’re just down. I get it. Hormones. But when your child becomes more introverted and and spending most of their time in their bedroom, this is the ideal time to get involved. Reach out to them, let them know you’re there.   Now just because they’re acting sullen and introverted doesn’t mean they’re card-carrying members of a terrorist youth group. But it does mean they’re the perfect target for Anomie United.   2. Are they now suddenly questioning your authority or authority in general?
If I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it a hundred times. “Little Johnny used to take out the trash, and now he’s telling me to do it myself. He says I’m exploiting him for free labor, and he refuses to participate in this systemic exploitation of his familial bonds.”   Text book Anomie United manipulations at work.   Once your child starts talking “exploitation”, anything “systemic”, or voicing concerns that their generation is “inheriting a dumpster fire that no one can put out” – it’s time to make a phone call to our hotline. If you hear them suddenly have an interest in Quilting – they’re not talking about bedspreads. That’s AU’s secret communication method. You start hearing little Johnny or Bambi talking about that… it’s time to make a phone call.   The number is in the front pocket of your packets. Put it on speed dial.   Your child is being fed a steady diet of self-pity pie and nihilism nachos… and we’ve got the perfect diet.   3. Are they talking about which politicians and CEOs they wish would die?
Not only are they in Anomie United, they are primed for violence. You cannot overlook these statements as just youthful rebellion. You don’t want to see your son or daughter on the evening news with a tank of gas and a match, do you?

How did this happen?

Everyone wonders the same thing. How did this happen to my child? Let me tell you.   Anomie United preys on a pubescent child’s vulnerability. Their awkwardness. Their desperate need for an identity everyone will love and appreciate. We were all 15 once. And thank God it was only once, am I right?   Anomie United is relentless at persuading their peers, your children, that the world is against them and that everyone older than them is the problem. And to tell you the truth ladies and gentlemen, that’s not a crime. I wish that’s all it was. But AU takes it a step forward and says instead of hanging out in each others' bedrooms listening to The Cure and in their diary… AU says they must retract from society violently. They can’t just shut the door to our bedroom and avoid the world… no, they have to slam the door and burn down the house.  

In Closing

I wish I could say Anomie United was just a national problem. Toronto. Munich. Tokyo. Johannesberg. I’m hearing from contacts that they’re starting to see cells of this group all over the globe. So we have to be diligent. Monitor your child’s behavior. Monitor who they’re hanging out with and who they’re talking to. There's a list of approved software in the packet that will help you out. Get together with other parents in your neighborhood and exchange information. Watch out for each other. Get involved in keeping not just your children, but everyone’s children on the path to a healthy and productive adulthood.   Okay, that’s lunch. We have a small buffet set up across the hall, catered by Funk House Chicken . You’re welcome to break bread with us, or there’s a Chinese place across the street that has some killer beef n’ broccoli.   We’ll meet back here at 12:15 and do some conversational role play scenarios with our teen volunteers. After that we’ll close out the seminar with some details on what to do if TISN has identified your child as a national security threat.  
Back in an hour.
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Aug 11, 2023 22:12 by Barron

Love how you presented this from the angle of being told about it. Personifies the organization while making me far more curious to hear about them from the side of the AU! Great Article