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Funk House Chicken


Founded in 1982, Funk House Chicken is a multinational fast food chain serving Europe, North America, and East Asia.   Funk House Chicken was established in 1982 when Len Lopan opened the first store around club districts in Chicago. Lopan envisioned a chicken restaraunt that embraced the counter culture youth. Instead of focusing on the dying Punk scene, Lopan recognized the joy emanating from Chicago House Clubs, and wanted that spark of life to be the hallmark of his business.   Clubbers responded by giving Lopan their business.   For years, Funk House Chicken was able to exist as a Chicago Institution, powered by the youth of the city, and vacationers wanting to take a trip off the beaten path. By the early 90's Lopan and Funk House Chicken's reputation grew to the point that other businessmen with capital to spend, want to franchise the company. Lopan agreed and three Funk House Chicken's were built outside of Chicago, located in London, New York and Miami. The expansion continued as Lopan continued to stay up to date on the latest trends in music, hiring upcoming DJs to do drop in sets at undisclosed locations.


By far the most important item on the Menu Is the Funkhouse Chicken Biscuit. A deep fried boneless chicken thigh on a buttery biscuit. Add an egg with a side of gravy and take your meal to Funktown.   Another absolute must when ordering from Funk House Chicken is the Funk Drunk Crispy Noodle Chicken Sandwhich, Funk Drunk for short. This chicken noodle sandwhich comes with an Thai inspired spicy sauce with fried noodles to give it that satisfying crunch. YUMYUM~!  


In 1989, Lopan decided to seek an art firm to create a mascot for his business. The intention was to hire an arm of dancing chickens to hit the streets of Chicago and advertise the business. Thus the FunkClucker was born. Members of this advertising street team would put on performances on sidewalks, bus stops and train stations, setting up a stereo playing a 5 minute single that included an advertisement for the closest Funk House Chicken.
Not everyone enjoyed the FunkClucker, voicing annoyance at these bombastic chickens invading their commute to and from work. The street team project was retired in 1991 after the Logan Square Incident, in which a mascot was brutally beaten at the Logan train stop along Milwaukee Avenue. Lopan had already begun scaling back the project, funneling more money into television commercials.


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May 24, 2022 19:24

Maybe its because the series is still releasing.... but I'm confused what this has to do with anything other than making me smile.   Is Funk House real? Cuz id go eat there if it is

May 25, 2022 19:39 by Jae K. Renfrow

Some of this may have something to do with Analysis Complete...and some may just be stuff I thought of for future games/stories. But I won't say which is which. Ultimately Waves Beyond Limit will extend far far beyond the current series.