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Chief Brennia Kyi'varia Nor'venilya

Conclave Chief Brennia Kyi'varia Nor'venilya

She cuts an official figure, this Nouedon, this Elf whom rises, standing at the head of the council table. Soft almost amber colored greaves of doeskin leather, with a button up silk shirt of deep azure blue, the cuffs of the sleeves with silver trim. A rapier on her right hip, she is dressed simply. But her bearing, whether it be the hieght of her slight elven frame, the soft leafy green eyes that are sharp and seem to exude confidence and wisdom, or the briar woven circlet set with two large pearls, a vibrant purple oyster shell centered between them that she wears, the briar sea crown of the Nor'venilya, an unassuming object, yet one so well made from such simple materials it draws the eye. Or perhaps it is the long almost golden hair she keeps tied in a lose ponytail, that hangs to the small of her back. Or, more likely, it is the beautifully crafted sharkskin dueling gloves she wears, expensive indeed, gold trim, rune crafted by a dwarven runesmith, the ground sapphire used in the runework sparkling just so. Those gloves could buy one an entire city. Whatever it is, she is well known, and rarely, if ever, is anyone mistaken as to how important a person she could be, even if they are not familiar with the region and meet her.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Brennia is tall and very slight, even for a Nouedon, seemingly built like a leaf or a feather to many. You would think the wind would carry her off, and that a simple push could break bones. You would be forgiven for such thoughts. She may look this way, but she is a Nouedon. She is a being born of the magick of the world. She is swift, great with a blade, and despite her lithe build and frankly thin frame, a masterful archer.

Facial Features

Her face is clear, clean, and with the angular, sharp features one would expect of the Nouedon. Her eyes are narrow, by comparison to humans or dwarves or their like, but actually quite normal for the Nouedon. Her bottom lip is split, heading down as a scar along her chin and jaw, a scar from her time in the navy.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Brennia is the only child of the former head of the Nor'venilya tribe, and as such, when he died of pneumonia four years ago, she ascended to his position. Very quickly, she had the advisory shuffled, for though she loved her dear father, the board of advisors he'd trusted she found....less than adequate for moving forward. There was some opposition to these changes, including an assassination attempt but a year ago, which her life was saved by Admiral Orheim, costing him his left hand.

Brennia grew up, as almost all Nouedon, learning the Arts. Magick. However her talent was limited in its scope, and she simply had no knack for it, by comparison to the normal standards for her own people, and no real desire to learn. Of more interest to her were the matters of the blade and the bow. Archery and fencing were her first true loves amongst the disciplines of her people, and she embraced them whole heartedly, throwing herself at them with all the vigor and eagerness many Nouedon would their first magick lessons. She's never lost that vigor and drive, serving in the navy for four decades, and on land for another six. It was during her time in the navy she met her husband, rescuing him and much of his stolen goods from a pirate ship after his merchant vessel had been assaulted.

Gender Identity



She is known to be bisexual, and though her and her husband have a child and seem quite happy in their marriage, she is also known to be sometimes lovers with Gin'valint Eveanis of the Emerald Order.


She is well educated, as one might expect of a highborn Nouedon. She is fluent in Elven and Valarian of course, as well as Dwarhbe, and Lalsiian. She can also get by in Vrocian, Gnomish and even Gobbok. She understands the basics of economics, magick, and most of the major sciences, though by no means is she a master of any of these disciplines, she knows enough to engage in meaningful conversation.


She spent four decades in the navy, achieving the rank of Captain, running her own ship. She also served six decades in the army, infantry specifically, and achieved the rank of Major. From there, well her father passed and so she stepped out of the military, giving up her commission, and stepped into the role of Conclave Chief.

Intellectual Characteristics

Brennia is smart, but perhaps the thing that speaks most highly of her intellect, is that she has no fear or qualms of stepping back from something and letting an expert guide her through things. She does not fear admitting her own gaps of knowledge, and does not fear seeking to learn. For a political leader this is a trait of great strength, being able and willing to admit their own lack of knowledge to seek the expertise of those around her.

Morality & Philosophy

Brennia is for a Nouedon, rather progressive. She doesn't see value in railing against the advancement of technologies like Aeronautics or Locomotion, or trying to oppose such advancements to 'defend the Depen'. With magisters of the Emerald Order and the magicks that they wield, that is of no real concern, not if that resource is properly employed and utilized.

She also takes a very progressive view of marriage for the time, given the necessity of folk in her position having to marry for politics and power. Her and her husband engage in what many highborn arranged or 'convienence' marriages do in Valarian society, that is, seeking romantic attachments elsewhere, but they do so openly, communicating with each other about it. They have a child together, her and her husband, but they both have other regular romantic partners. This gets her a lot of flak from the more fundamental members of society, but she cares very little.
Current Status
Conclave Chief of the Nor'wood Tribelands in Depenwood
Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
1296 SuD 299 Years old
Current Residence
Nor'venilya Hearthome
Soft leafy green
Long Golden Brown, loose ponytail
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
a pale creamy color
7'4" or 2.24 meters
105.8 lbs or 48 kgs
Talia, the Lady of the Leaves
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Fluent in: Valarian, Elven, Dwarhbe, Lalsiian

Can get by in: Gobbok, Vrocian, Gnomish


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