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Nor'wood Tribelands Region

The boreals of the Nor'wood region. A beautiful wilderness, the ancestral trust of the Nor'venilya, a region famed across Northern Valerick for their skilled woodworkers, in particular their furniture carpentry. The finest of wooden furniture, favored by the rich, powerful and wealthy, are crafted in this region by the masters of their art. This should not be taken to mean that is all this land has to offer however. As their heraldry suggests, this region is rich in land and sea, and as such, you will find folk of many talents plying their crafts in her towns and cities.


The Nor'wood Tribelands are run by the Nor'venilya tribe of the Nouedon. The Nor'venilya have, as all the great tribes of the Nouedon did in the time of reclaimation, adopted many lesser tribes of their people under their banners and name, those with too few left in their tribes to retake their homelands. Through intermarriage and cultural mingling, they are now mostly one group, though they keep some pride and cultural heritage that can be seen in different cities own pendants, along with on the Caid Pitch and in other sporting events. What once were tribal groups now becoming mere competitive subcultures within a more or less united society.

As is the ancient laws of the Depen, the region is governed and run by the Chief of the Nor'venilya tribe, always. That person will, over the course of their rule, establish whom they trust and will take council from. As in Suranth, this form of singular rulership has evolved over the centuries, and does now include a council like system. In the Depen, these councils are established once every twenty years, and are elected representatives from each major city in the region, to sit upon the region's council and offer their insights, and of course their political agendas, to the Conclave Chief, and their trusted advisors. In the Nor'wood, Chief Brennia sits as the Conclave Chief in power, and her advisors of favor are but a handful worth note, four to be exact. With six elected regional councillors, this ratio most definitely benefits the people in the region, allowing them more sway with their leadership, as it is possible for the regional councillers to quite honestly outvote the tribal government and chief. This is actually by design however, as Chief Brennia is a pragmatic one, and believes in this newer view of how to run things, placing more faith in the elected councillers to know what her lands and peoples need than fellow highborn courtiers and figures vying for her tribe's favoritism, and to protect and maintain their position, power, wealth and priviledge, as their main motivation.

Members of the Nor'wood Tribal Council

Chief Brennia Kyi'varia Nor'venilya

First Magister Gin'valint Eveanis: Depenwood is well known as a hotbed for the Emerald Order, and so it should never be a surprise to see a magister of the Emerald holding political position and sway. Gin'valint is two hundred and sixty-seven years of age, and she has been in this position since the tail end of the last chief's life, the last four decades of his reign. When Brennia took over four years ago, she kept Gin'valint around, trusting this friendly and wise magister implicitly. They grew up together, Brennia only thirty odd years her senior. The pair are known to be close, and are known lovers as well, on occassion. Gin'valint is well known for being true to her Nouedon nature, and the nature of the Emerald Order, and is generally very environmentally conscious, and therefore is often a strong voice against industrializing projects, without the proper involvement of the Emerald Order to insure limited impacts and proper recovery.

Woad Mother Venilaxi Mor'dau'ven: This Nouedon is the highest ranking member of Talia's clergy living in the region, and is a hardline member of the faith, quite heavily opposed to industrialization, and urbanization in general, even to the point that makes First Magister Gin'valint's jaw drop at the absurdity of her stance on occassion. However such is the way of the followers of the Lady of the Leaves.

Admiral Vincent Orheim: This human sits on the council, and in a position of trust and influence, for their military rank. The highest ranking military officer in the region, he also has earned the respect of the Nor'venilya tribe in his twenty-five years of exemplary service, including saving Brennia's life on two seperate occassions, the second time costing him his left hand, which has been replaced with a beautiful oak and heartwood piece, enhanced and brought to life by magisters of the Emerald Order. A gruff and rough individual, he generally sides with Brennia in most matters, and rarely brings anything before the council unless something that directly has to do with military or the regions defensive capabilities and readiness.

Olinz'arv Nor'venilya: Chief Brennia's husband and a mercantile tycoon of his own right, he is a master of matters logistic and fiscal, her trusted confidante and advisor in all things to do with coin, taxation and budgeting. He built his reputation and business acumen in the business of the sea trade, a risky venture at the best of times, focused mostly on herbs, spices, and other such culinary fineries, investing heavily in the NPA side of trade. Recently he's branched out, getting involved in the rail and air sides of shipping logistics, the actual business of the transportation itself. The marriage between himself and Brennia, given he is nearly a century her elder, is obviously one of politics, and less so one of romance. That is not to say they do not care about each other deeply. Deeply enough to have a child together. They are known to have a good relationship, just not a romantic attachment, each pursuing other romantic interests openly.

Elector Seats: These are filled by the elected officials from each major city in the region (cities for reference are at least eight thousand people), and are up for election every twenty years. The settlements in question are the ones whom's names are written directly on the regional map. It is an election year in 1595, as such, you will not find the current holders listed here, as you cannot serve more than one term. So it will be all new blood after this election is over.


Those whom live here are passionate about their land and home. They embrace the Depen as it embraces them, and are generally quite conservationalist about how they build and grow in the region. No mass clearing of swathes of trees without mind or planning to recover the growth, no mass harvesting or mass farming of crops in the conventional sense, instead taking a environmental approach of encouraging and helping succeed those plants that produce food that grow wild naturally. You will find no large farmsteads here, no massive cattle herds or the like, though that is not to say one will not find cows being raised or farmed here. But it is done in smaller groups, more frequently, with communities contributing and helping to insure that the farm succeeds. Food is culturally everyone's right, but also responsibility to maintain the availability of it. Simple things like bringing water to a berry bush that seems to be struggling, are considered a cultural responsibility. It is frowned upon and criminalized to destroy food bearing plants, or to butcher an animal without insuring every possible part will be used. This is true across all of the Depen, and the Nor'wood is no exception.

Demography and Population

The Nor'wood Tribelands are home to roughly 130000 citizens of Depenwood, by census count, so those whom are employed and tax paying citizens, the last count done two years ago. The demographic breakdown is listed below by percentage. These numbers are all rough of course, using a well rounded final total to work from.

Race % of Population Count
Dwarf 20% 26000
Elf 26% 33800
Halfling 12% 15600
Human 21% 27300
Gnome 10% 13000
Vrock 7% 9100
Tiefling 4% 5200


The Nor'wood Tribelands encompasses a number of cities, towns, villages, and regions, stretching from the Nor'wood Basin all the day to just south of the Daeouef Riverlands, and encompassing an area from the west coast all the way inland and east well into the thickest reaches of the Depen in the central regions of the nation. However highlighted below will be the large cities, those hubs of civilization within the region.


Silv'lunis (8814): This burgeoning city, located at the edge of the Nor'wood Basin, thick wilderness filled with danger, this city is one that is rather unique in Depenwood, in that it is not predominantly arboreal. This is because though officially under Depenwood's banner, it is one of the two large predominantly dwarven citadels in the country, as the Viid are known for spreading their reach across the mountains of Valerick, assimilating themselves into whatever nation rules those lands, to a degree. Silv'lunis gets its name for the large mining operation that is the foundation of th citadel, a busy and prosperous silver mining operation so large that several different mines actually exist that one can work for, it is not under one company or group. This frontier city also doubles as a vital garrison for the region, allowing troops to be stationed within and deployed rapidly all along the western part of the Nor'wood Basin as needed. Recently the silver shipments down river have had complications, rumor is a band Greenskin river pirates

Dor'pomu (9501): This city at the mouth of the Silv'lun River is a dual industry settlement. Much of the silver mined in the hillands in and around Silv'lunis is shipped here as raw ore to be processed and properly refined for working with. Besides this, there are also many timber mills here, and a great deal of raw lumber is produced in the region. The Emerald Order maintains a healthy presence here, working side by side with loggers and the timber industry, insuring the forest is kept growing and strong in the region all around the city. This city is quickly growing, especially with the official opening of the Dor'pomu rail yard but three years ago. Much of this city's people live arboreally, as one should expect in the Depen, and though the industrial heart of the city is along the riverbanks, its people by and large, live in and amongst the massive heart trees. A month ago, there was an incident, a fire started in one of the refineries, due to unknown reasons. The blaze progressed out of control swiftly, and none of the thirty or so workers in the building at the time made it out alive.

Ivalinse (8222): This city along the southern edge of Lake Daeouef, where the lake drains into the River Daeouef, rushing towards the sea, is a city well known for its dye makers and distilleries. The southern banks of Lake Daeouef grow thick with a wide variety of herbs, flowers, and other plants, offering a full palette of colors and flavors to work with. Besides this, with plentiful timber of many varieties, the capability to brew strong alcohols is plentiful indeed. Grain is imported for the process for many spirits, but some of the best and strongest are produced entirely locally. In recent weeks, the city has had issues with their modest fishing fleet, and the Fish and Game guild is rather upset. There are even rumors of a strike if someone does not address their grievance.

Ulveithal (10364): The third largest city in the region, Ulveithal is a hub of production for a variety of the syurps and oils used in cooking and baking that the Depen is famous for. One of many such production hubs in Depenwood, Ulveithal is also famous for its cherry and berry jellies and jams, these spreads are part of the revolution of food preservations, like canning. They are well loved all across Valerick and a busy export. Berry bushes and cherry trees are dominant within the city, and many of the city's heart trees are cherry trees. This is one of the busiest cities in the region, for it is at a crossroads. Two major roads intersect it, with roads heading out in four directions. This is in addition to the busy tracks of the Depen Main Rail Vein all running through the city. As this is the busiest rail hub in the region, one can almost always find recruiters for the Depen Rail Warders, a branch of the Depen military that is rather new and swiftly growing in size.

Ougaiceth (11096): This busy naval garrison, for that is the first function of this settlement, is the northern most naval garrison Depenwood has, and is strategically of great significance to her. The naval personal and vessels stationed here are responsible for protecting the nation from all manner of raiders. The Iron Wolves, pirates and corsairs, and of course, dark elf slavers from far to the south and west, across the Sea of Sails to their Void blasted homeland, Augoran. In fact recently there have been claimed sightings of a dark elf vessel by fishing vessels in the region, and in the last month at least one small fishing vessel has gone missing. Because of this, the garrison is on high alert, and the region is quite tense.

Towns and villages are marked and labelled directly on the map with pins. You can find a comprehensive guide to these locations in this article: The Towns and Villages of Nor'wood


The different Nouedon tribes and the Viid clans in Silv'lunis maintain their own standing forces of course, but of most important note is the numbers in regards of Depen military forces stationed and active in the region, and that is what is detailed below. These are troops of the Depen Conclave specifically not owing any allegieance to any one tribe of Nouedon, but instead they owe their alliegeance to the Depen and the loose but acknowedged centralized government of the nation. The region is home to some 14.5% of Depenwood's citizenry, but due to the increased risk with the coastline and bordering the Steppes, the region at any given time can be expected to be housing some 21% of her military forces.

1932 Striders: Crossbowmen, archers, spear and pike formations make up this 'regulation' infantry.

1050 Skimmers: Mostly concentrated in Ougaiceth and surrounding waters, naval patrols are a regular sight in the waters off this part of the Depen coastline.

1365 Swift-Foots: Light infantry and cavalry skirmishers and scouts, these are the troops that make up the Road Wardens, Rail Wardens, as well as the Air Marshals and Coast Guard/River Watch as applicable.

231 Oakhearts: Few and far between now, knightly orders mounted on heavy steeds or pegasi favoring lances, cavalry hammers and elven war-bows.

588 Wyldemasters: Elite troops, all Nouedon, masters of stealth, guerilla warfare and the Dark Magicks known as Druidcraft with special permission solely because they are Nouedon.

420 Sharpshooters: Rifles and pistols much in evidence, the embracing of a change of an age, in many ways these troops are the new age knights, armed with the finest gear and guns. Well trained with sabre as well, they are more than capable combatants even if you close the distance.

483 Warpriests/Priests/Magisters/Engineers This varied lot make up the auxillaries of most militaries, deployed only on request with very specific mission parameters, or detailed to a specific unit or phase of an operation. Limited in number, but exceedingly valuable.

441 Foxes: Best guesses, which are likely wildly inaccurate. Military intelligence, very clandestine, not much is known about them.

Total Military Presence: 6510

Technological Level

Late Reinassance-Early Industrial Revolution


Like in all of Valerick, worship of any of the Ascended is allowed and encouraged. In Depenwood in particular, the Cult of Talia is the most prominent, though the Cult of Sir Kartheart has a strong presence in the northern reaches of the country. This particularly true in the Nor'wood Tribelands. As in all of Valerick, worship of the the Ruined Gods is banned and forbidden under the pain of death.

Agriculture & Industry

The Nor'wood region is one known for timber, fine alcohols, and furniture of impeccable quality, durability, and taste. Like all of the Depen, food grows wild, free and rather plentiful, and organized farming is less common on a region wide level, and far more common to be handled at a community level. Silver from the north brings added wealth into the region, and is a boon to the people in the Nor'wood.

Trade & Transport

Obviously moving goods by rail, river and sea is a dominant method, however, aerial is gaining popularity as well in some circumstances, as Ein'ceouef joined her sister cities in the other tribelands four years ago, opening her Sky-Port.


Each tribe handles their own, but in these modern times, colleges and universities are found in most every major city. Besides this, in those more urban environments, general education is available, amongst the churches or even amongst organized schools, though these have a cost attached that means most working class families cannot afford to send their kids without working themselves halfway into the grave.

Trade guilds, where applicable, will aid in paying for the schooling of their members children. Be that business schooling, law school (if their is an established agreement in place for them to join the Guild's legal teams afterwards), or the relevant education for the trade in question.

Paeinl el Cougouhl!! Translated: Land and Sea!


  • Ein'ceouef
Geopolitical, County / March
Alternative Names
Leader Title
Government System
Power Structure
Semi-autonomous area
Economic System
Mixed economy
Gold Suns

Silver Moons

Copper Stars
Major Exports
Top quality furniture

Ales, beers, wines and spirits

Preserves, jams and jellies

Baking and cooking oils and syurps



Listed above are the largest exports of the Nor'wood region.
Major Imports
One of Depen's biggest imports is coal, along with Ghel, for heating and oil lamps for the winter months. Grain is another of course, along with Parvi, the breadmoss from Suranth. Of these, a large portion is meant for and earmarked for the Nor'wood region.
Legislative Body
See as described in Depenwood's overview
Official State Religion
Parent Organization
Official Languages
Related Ranks & Titles
Neighboring Nations


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