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Rising up from the Depen along the coast of the Sea of Sails, one's eye cannot help but be drawn to the Heartwood of Ein'ceouef, the Oakheart Port city.


Ein'ceouef's population of 21463 break down as shown below;

Race % of Population Count
Dwarf 14% 3005
Elf 27% 5796
Halfling 13% 2790
Human 22% 4722
Gnome 11% 2360
Vrock 8% 1717
Tiefling 5% 1073


2) Nor'venilya Hearthome, and Tribal Hall: The largest heartwood tree houses the various estates and homes of the Norvenilya Tribe, culminating in the canopy spanning castle of sorts that is the Norvenilya Hearthome itself. To the south, connected only to this tree, is the Tribal Hall, the place where Chief Brennia and her regional and city councillors hold court and government every day. This tree is a busy one, with the trunk housing every manner of bureaocracy and government office that you might imagine the city would have and need. Also home to the city archives, and to the Nor'wood Regional District Court.

6) Ein'ceouef Police Department Precincts (EPD): These are the precincts of the local police departments, which like in many cities, are denoted by a numeric system. The Ein'ceouef police are known to be a rather incorruptible sort of police, not easily pressured or bribed. The city police force numbers some a hundred and ten or so members through all its ranks, from commissioner and chief down to the patrollers whom work beats, whom are the most numerous. They are employed in regions in which they live in the city, split up between the six precincts in the city.

13) Ein'ceouf Port Authority: These buildings house the local naval garrisons, the Coast Guard regiments, and of course the various government offices you might expect. Inspections and Customs offices, a port records building and offices for those people as well. It is a busy complex.

17) Ein'ceouef Railyard Authority: This complex houses the local rail warden garrisons, and their personale, and much like Port Authority, the various government and operational offices and administrative buildings one would expect. Inspections and Customs offices, the railyards records and offices, along with the various company buildings and rail terminals.

28) Ein'ceouef Aerial Authority: This complex houses the garrisons for the local air marshals, and their personale. Also, as should be expected, like Port Authority and Railyard Authority, this complex houses the various government offices and administrative buildings one would expect. Inspections and Customs offices, the Sky-Port records nad offices, along the main flight control tower, and the Sky-Port terminals and baggage checkins, amongs other things.


Ein'ceouef is well defended, though you would wonder how from a map without context. The Heartwood must be several hundred meters tall. Perhaps even a kilometer or plus for some of the trees. There is truth to this. So what good do the walls do, right? Well the walls, similar to the Heartwood itself, are grown, and they alive and though only about fifteen meters in height, they actually can rapidly grow to the height of the Heartwood Trees in response to an attack, but growing around the top of the current wall, leaving arrow slits and a walkway so the wall can still be used as a fighting platform.

The city is split into sections by the various walls as well, meaning even at best, someone attempting to take the city would need to penetrate at a minimum, by arguably the easiest route, likely a naval blockade, then two layers of walls.

Industry & Trade

7) Ein Heart Markets: This bustling market place is one of high quality and high price, a place where one will find exquisite goods, made by some of the most skilled craftsmen in the city, along with imported goods of a similar level of quality. If one has the coin, it is well worth the visit. One can, on occassion, even find strange and exotic curiosities amongst the market place, if one wishes to look
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GM Note: This market has a 20% chance of having Exotic Trappings, to a maximum of 2, on any given day.

12) Ein'ceouef Docks: The busy docks and piers of Ein'ceouef are a place teeming with industry and trade. Ships being loaded and unloaded constantly, fishing vessels in and out of the ever busy fisheries on the piers, and many processing facilities for the various fish and other sea food that comes in. Whaling is not practiced by those of the Depen, they prefer to simply acquire the resources that would offer via trade. Two large canneries operate here as well, working with tuna and mackeral prodominantly.

16) Ein'ceouef Railyards: The contrast this place creates in the imagery cannot be overstated. To see the beauty of the Depen, so green and vibrant, and then the shocking transition, the steam and coalsmoke hanging over the area and the city really throw it all off, and many find the railyard distasteful. But few can really argue it is not beneficial. Four lines come into the city, splitting off even more in the railyard, where no less than twelve locomotives can be at a time. Like any rail yard, it is a busy and loud place of industry and trade, raw resources, goods, and people coming in and out through here regularly. It is also a hugely high stress environment, where the pocketwatches of the railyard's Master Conductors are the ultimate authority.

22) Mapleside Markets: This tourist trap of a market is always bustling, but especially during Caid Season when the Eagles have a home game. One will find all manner of market fare, food, odds and ends, interesting items and goods if one wishes to look. However it is also well advised that one should keep tight grip of their coinpurse. For crowds like this draw pickpockets like flies to honey.

29) Ein'ceouef Skyport: A busy place of industry and trade in its own right, with goods, people and skyship's moving all about. The Ein'ceouef Sky-Port houses five landing zones, 'Anchors' as they are called in industry language. Like the rail-yard this is a very busy, high speed and high pressure work environment, though far less does the pocket watch dictate everything as the ultimate authority. Instead it is the Sky-Port's Logisitics Manager and her regularly updated weather predictions, schedule print-outs and landing bay reports whom is the ultimate authority over moment to moment operations.

31) Skyside Markets: A busy marketplace that exists as a bit of a tourist trap. Things are more expensive here, meant to tempt but also to catch those last minute travellers whom realize they wanted to acquire something on their trip, forgot too, and now want to and don't care about the mark up.

33) Skyside Bazaar: This is more of a pop up market, less any actual shops. Food and drink, simple goods, odd trinkets and charms, local jewelry and that sort of thing. Again, another competitve, cutthroat but fiscally successful tourist trap market.


4) Heartwoad Masoleum: This massive structure is where the city's dead are entombed, entrusted to a specific subset of the followers of the Lady of the Leaves. The dead are not entombed permanently in Depenwood culture, instead they are entombed within soil from the heartwood, with and in. The soil is wild, with all the bugs, worms and all still within. left with this, those of the Cult of Talia known as 'Grounds-Keepers' locally, though their order has a much more ancient name, insure that the decomposition process is allowed to occur, encouraged even. The bones are removed once all is said and done, the skeleton entombed below in amber in a family crypt for those more wealthy, with a headstone and all. For the less wealthy, these skeletons are ground down and burned. The soil is returned from whence it came, glut with nutrients, to feed and fertilize the trees of the heartwood.

5) Venilyan University of Natural Sciences: This prestigious university is an institute of higher learning with an extensive library, serving no less than three thousand students at any given time. Botany, Agricultural Studies, and Veterinary Natural Medicine, and Sapient Natural Medicine are the four programs that are most well known and sought after that the school offers. There are two other lesser sought after programs as well, the Chemical Studies program and the Advanced Cartography and Navigation Studies as well.

30) Ein'ceouef Flight Academy: This is the local air force training facility, as well as doubling as a private instituite that will provide education (though not the exact same program, obviously) for anyone whom can pay, or whom's employer will pay, for them to get pilot, controller or maintenance training and education. For those whom are in the military, they will get basic training that touches all these and more, and then more or less move into their second semester being placed in the program they showed the most promise with. The expanded options in this case include Air Marshal and Paratrooper.


Ein'ceouef is divided into more or less six 'districts' for want of a better word. Not all of them contain any residential areas, but they are distinct enough, and they are marked by walls that seperate them. They are as follows;

The Heartwood: A staple of every large town or settlement in Depenwood, the Heartwood is generally where one will find most academia, along with high end important government functions and societal leaders, such as the various trade guilds offices and unity halls. It is where the well to do and wealthy live, and often where many of a city's elves live.

Upper Ein'ceouef: A mostly residential district, housing working class individuals, a middle income sorts.

Cloudtop District: A district named for the fact that it houses Ein'ceouef Sky-Port as a notable landmark.

Railer's Grove: This district has no official residential space, and is more or less made up of nothing but the Ein'ceouef Railyards.

Lower Ein'ceouef: This district houses lower income housing, apartments, flats, and is also oft referred to as the tourist trap of Ein'ceouef. The Rickets are here as well, the name for the city's slums.

Dockland: Another low to lower-middle income district, that also houses the business of the Ein'ceouef docks.


One of the biggest assets that Ein'ceouef has is also, as magick is, a risk. That is a rather heavy presence of magisters. A plethora of apprentices to be and hopefuls and apprentices, a few fresh graduates, and then your full fledged magisters and the local Grand Master. This allows a great deal of magick and magickal wares to be commercially available, though they are notably expensive, they are not obscenely so.

Guilds and Factions

3) Oakheart Cathedral: This tree houses small chapels and temples to all the Ascended, but the cathedral that makes up much of the canopy, along witht the training grounds below, are home to the city's prominent religion, the Cult of Talia. A busy place, acting as a school of sorts for those whom wish to become members of the cloth, with facilities below for training and schooling and housing for those elves whom wish to and are so chosen to join the ranks of the Wyldemasters in time. The training for such a position is extensive and long, one not being considered a member of this esteemed order without anywhere from five to seven decades of training, servitude and both religious and magick education.

8) Guild Clearings: Down on the floor of the Heartwood, one will find a busy and bustling city heart, specifically its economic administrative heart. The many Guilds and Unions that are represented in Ein-ceouef will have their Hiring and Meeting Halls here as well as their administrative offices. Many trade guilds and unions are well represented, having all their own facilities, not splitting or sharing with any other, but the two most influential in the city are;

  • The Magisterium The Magister's Collegiate Campus, by virtue of the Magisterium being what it is, is perhaps the most influential guild in the city, solely thanks to the Emerald Order and their importance in Depen Culture. This campus houses facilities to educate in three schools of magick, the school of Dulra, those of the Emerald Order. The School of Meanma, those of the Diamond Order, and the School of Uisce, those of the Sapphire Order. Though the least numerous, with the city only housing some two dozen fully licensed magisters, with fully half of those being of the Emerald Order, they wield a the most influence and political clout simply due to the dependancy that the Depen itself has on those of the Emerald Order.

  • Packers and Warehousers United: This guild is the largest, and though on the total other end of the spectrum for social class of citizen, easily the second most influential, and not that far behind the Magisterium for their political and economic weight. They encompass the Stevedores, Rail Rats, Baggage Handlers, and their ilk. They are the most numerous guild, counting some four thousand of the working class amongst their membership. They derive their influence and political pull from the fact that they can bring the entire city to a halt and to its knees if they so wish, a general strike would see all commerce in and out of the city grind to a near halt.

  • 35) The Magisterium Campus: Strange towers, dimensions that feel....off, for the building itself, as if parts of the towers and upper levels don't fit or line up with the rest of the building. Windows that from the outside seem to have solid walls behind them, yet people oft see magisters when they are open. The inside is no less confusing, and all this is on purpose, of course, for the building is a Magisterium Campus, a school built to teach future magisters, by current magisters. Such strangeness is a passive part of the education process. At this particular campus, there are three of the seven collegiates present with enough presence to have a full wing dedicated to them. The College of Emerald, The College of Diamond and the College of Sapphire. That is not to say there is not education available for youth discovered with the touch of magick in one of the other magicks, however that would come at an increased price, for it would be private tutorship, and the magister taking on such an apprentice will have to also provide for them on travels as they are likely not permanent residents of Ein'ceouef.

    Points of interest

    Really as with any large city in the Depen, it is the Heartwood, as a whole, that attracts people's eyes. These towering great oak, maple and redwoods, unnaturally large, with the criss-crossing threading of walkways of vine, branch and leaf. The massive trunks with holes that are windows, sapient homes sharing space with all manner of local wildlife. Woodpeckers, porcupines, entire ecosystems of arboreal and flying animals live amongst these great trees with the sapients whom call them home. The canopy twisting and turning, in wild patterns forming structures and buildings of breath-taking beauty. The vine and tree limb lifts and walkways form spiraling and swooping 'roads' of a kind up and above you in the canopy, with some having twisting routes around the trunks of these great trees that one would use to travel up and into that area. These are generally also guarded with a gate and a blockade of sorts so you can't just walk onto them. Their is a checkpoint of sorts. However it is this sight, this strange thing that sticks in many people's minds.


    10) Bechouelac Miecheou {Pronounciation: /be/ʃuˈlok/ /miˈʃœ̃/}: The elven name may seem intimidating to some, but most, even most elves, use the common tongue name for this high priced and high end gentry club. The Spiritual Discovery. The proprietors, a middle aged elven couple, run a very warm, welcoming establishment for the high rollers of society. This gentry club includes a hot spring in the back, maintained magically by the expensive services of Magisters of the Sapphire Order. 'Performers' of sorts, to entertain guests, private rooms that can be rented for all manner of purpose, twenty-four of them to be precise. A modest but spacious study where those whom wish a more quiet experience can read the morning news, or various available pieces of fine literature, over drinks and cigars. A chef and two cooks work in a small but well equipped kitchen preparing a variety of exquisite dishes to order. The main attraction however, are the spirits that give the place its name. One cannot get through the door for a mere wine tasting for less than a Gold Crown, and of course one must also be a member in good standing of this private club. You cannot just walk in. There are three tiers of membership. A regular, a homebody, and an esteemed. A regular may borrow literature from the study at will, for periods up to three weeks, and gets one free 'massage' a week from one of the performers. A homebody also gets two free dinners and one reserved night a week for half price. An esteemed doesn't ever pay for overnight stays, gets everything else at half price, and has the unique right to jump the wait for any reserved services or accoutremonts. There are only six 'Esteemed' as this membership is obscenely expensive. Beign a Regular costs three Gold Crowns a month. Being a Homebody costs nine Gold Crowns a month. Being an Esteemed costs thirty gold crowns a month.

    11) The Ivory Strawberry Eatery: This high class eatery and bakery is a local favorite, and if one can afford it, it is considered a must visit place. The name says it all, a place where nothing you eat will be normal, and everything will be exquisite. The Vrock proprietor, one Gshaniil Vosbav, is rather famous, having written and published her own pair of best selling recipe books, one for desserts entitled Vosbav's Venerating Confections and a second entitled Gshaniil's Good Home Companion. In particular the namesake Ivory Strawberry Pie is to die for.

    19) The Towering Nightingale Pub: A wonderful dining experience, with music, good food, with good variety, and many a pleasant drink available. This pub gets its name from the two ladies whom play and sing here regularly, both elves. Most believe they are sisters. They call themselves the "Towering Nightingales".
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    GM Note: The Towering Nightingales are actually a smuggler and a fence whom are associated with the 'Shadows of Depen' a shadowy organized crime group that operates in many places all across Depenwood.

    20) Mya'ulize Gallery and Theatre: A place of art and fine performance, this theatre, run by one Gi'alia Mya'ulize, an elven woman in her fourth century of life, it is a place of fine arts, including a few sculptors and art pieces that are true treasures one should see in their lifetime, and a modest theatre that can seat five to six hundred people. She has a regular performance staff, whom put on a variety of plays and operas regularly, however she also does lend her stage to well known groups whom travel to the city on the occassions such traveling performance troupes do visit the city.

    21) Mapleside Stadium: This stadium is capable of seating some seven thousand peoples, and like most such facilities, hosts a modestly wide variety of sporting events regularly. But the big draw and the main money maker is Caid. The Ein'ceouef Eagles are one of two teams in Depenwood in the VCL, the other in Kelethan obviously, the Kelethan Kingfishers.

    23) The Sparkling Marigold Inn: One of two inns in the district, this large establishment has near forty rooms over five floors, with a kitchen and bar on the main floor as well. It is a very busy place during Caid season. A fun spirited establishment, where one can get a decent meal and drink for a fair price. It is a traveler and tourist favorite in Ein'ceouef.

    24) The Bloody Snapdragon Pub: Primarily a pub, but with twenty rooms that can be rented, this establishment has a reputation for being a rough place, earning its name, especially during Caid season. The pub is well known to local law enforcement, its a place where they've got to break up many fights. Though how well they know the place is a matter that could be up for some debate. The halfling proprietor, one Mikael Bellowbelly, is a braggart, but a charming fellow in his own right, and seems to keep his nose clean, despite the blood stains on his establishment, hes never had a murder in the house, nor has he ever been closed due to an incident.
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    GM NOTE: Under this establishment an underground and illicit bare knuckle boxing operation is run by Mikael.

    26) The Sleepy Sun Pub: This is a new age sort of place, a simple bar and quick food service, a place to get a bite and a drink whilst you wait. Wait for what? Your Sky-Ship boarding time of course. You must check your luggage at least two hours before the flight, but passengers cannot board until the last half hour before a flight, so many have nothing better to do. Smart entreprenuering souls like the Sleepy Sun's proprietor, one Jeanine Lamose, take advantage of this fact.

    27) The Vagabond Trombone: Another new age sort of place also capitalizing on the waiting time passengers experience, this is a lounge of sorts, where one can enjoy a drink or three, a cigar, and some smooth trombone and trumpet playing from a small brass band that the proprietor, Gregory Muldrave, employs.
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    GM Note: Gregory happens to have connections with the Sky-Port's Overseer, and is the liason point to make contact and arrange for services from the Sky-Port in regards to moving people or cargo without documentation.

    34) The Eagle's Roost: This inn and bar pretty much solely caters and provides for visiting Aero crews, this is their establishment, and that's who you'll meet here, the flight crews of any foreign Sky-Ships that are in the Port over night. There is always at least one, sometimes as many as four, so it is a sound business, and is run by a former pilot, Ambrose Manigeo.


    1) The Heartwood: These massive trees, grown and cared for both well before the Sundering, and reclaimed and purifyed, and revitalized afterwards by magisters of the Emerald Order, they are grown and continue to grow, in a very unique fashion. Their size is misleading, as much of the trunk is actually hollow, containing housing for many peoples. This continues up into the canopy, where manor homes of sorts dot the treetops, having grown as part of the trees, their branches and leaves growing in beautiful patterns and entwinements to create structures protruding from the trunk as part of the canopy. Vine and branch bridges, again grown with guidance from those of the Emerald Order over generations, connect the trees of the Heartwood like roads connect those on the ground. These manor homes are mostly inhabited by wealthy and high ranking elven members of society.

    9) Heart-home Manors: These extravegent homes of the finest decorative timber and marble, with exquisite hues of white and golden yellow, each designed with unique looks and finishes, polished copper roofs, windows framed from ebon and cherry wood, with exquisite carvings, each with its own property upon which many grow all manner of garden of exotic food plants in hutches and greenhouses. These are the estates of the lower nobility, mostly any of those whom are not elven. Magnates, merchant princes, minor or middling nobility of that ilk. Many include housing for staff on their property, and most employ at least a handful of staff whom are live-in staff by the virtue of their duties.

    14) Docklands residentals: These homes are small, or shared accomodations built of timber and simple timber and slate roof constructions. These homes look very similar, simple in nature, and are only really easily differentiated by the street and number, where that can apply. Mostly home to lower working class folk, this can be a bit of a rough neighborhood, with a wide variety of drinking houses that are not really noteworthy other than worth avoiding.

    15) Upper Ein'ceouef residentials: These homes are of a higher cut and look than the Docklands. Some even have some minor brick and stonework, but they all have two stories, and many have a small back garden. Most are not shared accomodations of any kind, though some folk convert their second storey into a rentable flat to give them an extra income stream. These house can be indentified easily, with their balconies and seperate staircases that let you up to the balcony entrance.

    18) Lower Ein'ceouef Residentials: A rather middle class neighborhood, with many similarities to Upper Ein'ceouef in its architectural design.

    25) The Rickets: This tangled mess of structures seem to grow and connect like wild vines, flimsy looking, little walkways, thin narrow streets, small dwellings, ramshackle and overgrown, and many seemingly falling apart. This is the Rickets, and though anyone coming into the city passes through a small part of this neighborhood, it is not a place that many would choose to explore, nor would almost anyone suggest that is what you should do. This is where the poor, lower class, ill and disabled and homeless are found. Poverty breeds desperation of course, and as such, criminal elements are not uncommon here.
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    GM NOTE: Shadows of Depen do have a safehouse operating in this neighborhood. A condemned, forgotten, partially run down building.

    32) Cloudtop Residentials: The smallest residential neighborhood, basically universally the homes of those whom work here and in the Aero industry and their families. These homes are functional, not to flashy, but moderately expensive, of a high middle class quality.


    Ein'ceouef is located on the downslope of a pennisula that protrudes to the south, surrounded by the Depen, but with a good beachhead and ground for a strong port. Facing the Sea of Sails to the west, with only one road that comes into the city from the south, it is rather well positioned, and while no Elven city is a fortress, this is a rather defensible position. The woodlands around are predominantly maple, oak, elm, with a smattering of fir and white pine trees. berries and many root vegetables grow wild and plentiful in the under growth. Like all of the Depen it is a beautiful spot. Being this far north, the winters here, though nothing like Suranth, are about four to five months in length, bring large amounts of snowfall.

    Natural Resources


    Many food items from both land and sea.


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