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Daeouef River

The Daeouef, the biggest and calmest river in the western part of the Depen, and is quite the scenic and peaceful route too, relatively. From Ivalinse along the southern banks of Lake Daeouef flowing south is naught but the wild beauty of the Depen, broken up by only one little timber village, Fir Bank. You can ride the river all the way into the Belfane Tribelands, heading south and west, to eventually drain to the ocean. It is a peaceful journey....most of the time. But that should not be confused. One should travel no wild place in Valerick with their guard down and the Daeouef is no exception.


Winding through green forests of fir, white pine, ash, apple, pear, and cedar, with thickets of blackberry and raspberry bushes dominanting the undergrowth all throughout the undergrowth near the riverbanks, like much of the Depen, there is plenty here for a traveler to harvest. Wild carrots, onions, and radishes grow plentiful as well. The thick woods seem quite inviting with all the food that grows here naturally, but the further one gets from the river the thicker, more difficult and harder the terrain becomes, as the undergrowth gets thicker and hardier.


The forested riverlands themselves are similiar to the rest of the Depen, though this river is a salmon run, and as such grizzly bears are quite common here in the autumn and spring. The river itself, is a calm, healthy ecosystem, supporting a great variety of plant and animal life. Rushes, reeds, and cat-tails dominate the shallows, making a home for millions upon millions of insects and amphibians. Fish of all kinds make their home within the river as well. All manner of waterfowl make their home in and around the river. It is a vibrant and plentiful habitat.

Ecosystem Cycles

One of the biggest changes in late spring and late autumn are the salmon runs. This river is a salmon spawning ground up near Ivalinse, and as such, the river itself is a congregation point for brown bears all about the Depen every year. During these seasons, it is arguably very safe to travel the river by barge or boat, because the bears and their presence generally limit the Skulkers' activity. That isn't to say it is without risk, of course. They are bears. It is more of a difference between passive and active threats. In the winter, the shallows freeze up, and one sailing the river needs to travel with caution, but it can be done, the deeper parts generally not freezing over, though in the worst and coldest conditions some stretches can, so traveling by river in those coldest winter weeks can be risky.

Many of the birds are migratory, which is quite normal for temperate river lands, and not at all surprising. In the depths of winter the normally busy Daeouef River and its surrounding river lands are quiet by comparison.
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