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Nor'wood Basin

The Nor'wood Basin, a large swath of hilly and highland terrain, thick woodlands and cold fens dominate the landscape, little glacial rivers flowing forth from the Steppes to all eventually drain into Lake Daeouef, which feeds the Daeouf River. It is the borderlands of the Depen in the region, this place where civilization clashes with the forgotten and desolute harshness of the Steppes. Few and far between are settlements, even with railways carving through the region, through one very heavily patrolled valley from Suranth, also moving east through to other parts of the Depen. It is a place of stark beauty, but great danger. Yeti raids are common, the predators that hunt the wilderness in the region fearless and not opposed to adding you to the menu if you are fool enough to provide opportunity.


The Nor'wood Basin is best described as a fen, or a highland wetland. Glacial rivers all feed south out of the Steppes in tendrils, all converging over distance as they cut their way out of the hills and mountains into the Depen proper. Cool, misty and foggy often, with long winters and short summers, it is the region where tundra meets temperate. Coniferous trees dominate the woodlands here, though leafy trees grow in number the further south one goes. There is a stark beauty here, in this rough and rugged region, the hills and craggy areas creating a stark and sudden contrast with the woody and marshy lower valleys and fens, the sun dancing through the mist creating little gleams and flickers of light in the early morning and at sunset, the light dancing all about the land.
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