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Lake Daeouef

The second largest lake in all of the Depen, only slightly smaller than Lake Vinweld in the Keleth Tribelands, Lake Daeouef is the central feature of the other busy region in the Nor'wood Tribelands, the central feature of the other most populated area, besides the Sea of Sails coastlines. Shipping all about the lake is common, fishing vessels and single masted trade boats and small rigs, zipping back and forth to all the different villages and towns, trading goods and resources. Wild lands between the settlements perfect hunting grounds, the lake excellent fishing waters, especially in the autumn during the salmon spawning run. Forests of maple, chestnut, walnut, oak, apple, ash, pear, plum, and even cherry trees dominate the woodlands around here, a forest of fine food bounty that those whom settle here appreciate both for the richness of flavor it can offer their lives by harvesting the bounty of the flora, and the variety of game birds and animals it attracts to the wilderness in the region, which provides a great industry for game hunters, whom do well hunting and selling what excess they do not need to feed themselves and their families in communities all about the lake. All manner of wild vegetable and herb grow in the undergrowth and along the lakeshore here as well, further enhancing the palettes of those whom live in the area.
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