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Silv'lun River

"Sleeping on night watch, I ought to have you hanged when we arrive in Dor'pomu, ye idjit. We in the most dangerous waters, with more than a hundred and fifty kilometers to go, laden with a boat full of silver ore. We may as well be wearing a fat arse target on our boat screaming 'Raid Here', traveling along the Silv'lun River, a favorite hunting ground for bandits, river raiders, yeti, greenskin and fell fey, but yer napping on watch. Jakob, you hearin' me?!? Wake up, you bastard son of a---awe shite. TA ARMS YE LOT, DAMNED PIRATES BOARDING US!!"

Captain Henri Trent, one night moving a load of silver ore down river from Silv'lunis to Dor'pomu, discovering one of his crew whom were supposed to be on watch with a crossbow bolt in his throat.


This large river, the largest feeder river to Lake Daeouef, until recently, was a very busy and dangerous major trade artery, and one of the most heavily patrolled bodies of water in the region. Lake Daeouef more or less has that honor now, as much of the silver mined in and around Silv'lunis now travels by rail, though the river is still used enough to warrant regular military patrols. It is a decently fast flowing, deep river, one that allows decent size boats to travel up and down it, with its width providing an opening in the Depen's canopy. It is almost a divider, a natural border, its north bank the edge of the hills and cooler fens of the Nor'wood Basin, its southern banks and shore transitioning into the more mixed an consistent woodlands of the Depen.
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