Orie-Claw Alliance


In 1144CD, the Magic Implosion caused massive problems for the Eastern Hemisphere of Tarantellia. The Claw Nations believed Orie Country caused the magical devastations they faced. Orie Country believed the reverse. Fortunately, after intensive peace talks in 1151 CD, Orie Country and all of the Claw Nations banned together to subdue these attacks.


As tensions grew, the alliance weakened. By 1155 CD, the alliance ended from Orie Country's perspective. They believe The Claws are responsible for the magical attacks facing the southern border. As such, the Alliance is null and void as far as Orie Country is concerned. As Orie Country has been on the defensive for nearly 100 years, the Claw Nations know nothing of this problem as part of the Alliance was to leave each other alone.   Bemere Tremaer, the Orie's ruler, requested Craei Grecofoxas inform the Claw Nations. However, Grecofoxas - and the following Grecodars who took his place - never shared this information and continued to import magical artifacts and export produce, seeds, and minerals.   These misdealings occasionally caused widespread problems in all Orie territories. During the War on Magic, Grecofoxas continued to trade away their produce, causing many Ories to starve.   To this day, this treason has fallen out of living memory. The Grecodar lineage passes the information along and some Asma farmers have suspicions. The farmers, however, keep their thoughts to themselves. According to the Heart of Asma, their land was magically affected by the Goddess Malmi. To prevent widespread hysteria and witch hunts, the Asma farmers would rather keep the peace.  Threats from the Order of the Grecodar of the Shaca Investigative Force keep their tongues silenced as well.   The Claw Nations still abide by this Alliance to this day and work with the presiding Grecodar, unaware of these misdealings.  After nearly 50 years of trial and error, they were able to determine a magical overload caused the environmental upsets in 1201 CD.  Over the next 15 years, they sought methods of storing the magical energy or siphoning it off.  They are still unaware of the problems in Orie Country, due to the communications with the Grecodar.  

Orie Country Reaction: Magical Protection Force

After the War on Magic began nearly a century ago, The Magic Protection Force was created by Craei Grecofoxas. There are three groups originating in Shaca, one group of scientists from Asmain, and a secret order, all of which seek to protect Orie Country from Magical attacks.   The Elite Fighters' Unit from Shaca and the Shacan Military focus their efforts on the border of Orie Country and the South. The Elite Fighter’s Unit deals with the major attacks sent forth by the Claw Mages, while the Shacan Military deals with the minor summons.   The Shaca Investigative Force focuses its efforts on stomping out magical uprisings in Orie Country. All magical claims go through the SIF HQ offices. All claims pertaining to magic are investigated.  Magical items found on the job are confiscated and placed beneath the SIF HQ. Occasionally, these items will be sent to the Asmain scientists for further investigation of the properties.   Asmain scientists focus their efforts on discovering new methods of protection from items influenced by magic. Sometimes their line of duty calls them to make anti-magic armor or destroy magical artifacts.  Many of their acquired artifacts are placed under high security according to the record.   Off the record, the items are sent to the Order of the Grecodar.  This secret organization tampers with magic.  Their mission is unclear to anyone who many hear of them.  They quarantine magical items and confiscate dangerous materials.  They will use magical items for these purposes without the knowledge of other MPF members.


The goal of this alliance was to unite the Eastern continent of Tarantellia against the random magical implosions. As tensions rose, Orie Country and the Claw Nations agreed to stay out of each other's business. Unfortunately, no source to the problem was found and Orie Country left the alliance in 1155 CD.
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