Tales of justice formation of Wyldfire

formation of Wyldfire



Jean-Claude Gironde, Doctor of Psychiatry, heir of Phoenix Industries and several pieces of private real estate, takes his career in a new direction. In the process, he secretly creates a supergroup called "Wyldfire" which employs interesting metahumans whom he has met in various other circumstances.

Original roster:

  • Vigilante (Paul McKinney), this campaign's closest equivalent to The Punisher mixed with Crabby Edition Scott Summers; met through Three Letter Agency activity

  • Diamond X (Claire Clasby), this campaign's closest equivalent to Domino mixed with Black Widow; met through Three Letter Agency activity

  • Beast (Henry "Hank" McCoy), straight from the Marvel Comics of the 90s; met through Phoenix Research Conglomerate, a subdivision of Phoenix Industries

  • Skyburner (Alan Jenkins), professional test pilot and part-time hero


Early additional roster, within a year or two:

  • Iradium (Sean Michael Freeborn), straight from CoH, met through psychiatric services on contract to U.S. Department of Defense plus various Three Letter Agencies

  • Moleculon (Jerry Clasby), brought directly to Dr. Gironde for education by older sister Diamond X and possibly where Jean-Claude got the idea that he really can run his own off-campus branch of some university or other

  • Shadowstar (Tina Grewal), picked up because she hacked the Phoenix Industries security to try to save her father

  • Firestar (Angelica Jones), additional student following in the path Jerry Clasby created

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