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The Revolving Temple, Part 6

General Summary

Between a grenade and a hard place!


When last we left. . . .


After receiving a call from N8, the group raced back to Port Nevermore for their ships. Then, tearing through the sky, they arrived at Port Etmar.


The reception was lukewarm. All the locals were suspicious. Some whispered about a 'Medusa plot', while others put in a word to the local Crimson Nova guild house.


Undeterred, the group continued through Port Etmar, trusting the will of The Force, information from N8, and seasoned knowledge of how criminal minds worked. Using both, they head for the underground fighting pit beneath a dewback corral.


There they found both N8 and the slaves. In a desperate gamble, the group volunteers to fight in the arena for the lives of the slaves. An 'exhibition match'. One that is interrupted by the unwelcome arrival of Aurra Sing and members of Crimson Nova.


Intra-party Chatter:


Vanya: Hot Potato coming through
Who's got the grenade?
Aerena is a little, um, occupied.
So is Vance, in a very different way!


So'Zen Al Saba: not sure anyone has fallen on that grenade... bud ump bump ching..... but I could break from my taunting of Aura sing and defending to do that if you wish.


Aerena Kolene: Occupied she says.


the GM: It could be you're in Russia because Grenade ... she fall on you!


VN Ysadora: :(


Aerena Kolene: What grenade??? I am busy at the moment and did not see a grenade


the GM: The grenade falling from above... but you were busy with the Aur'rook squid trying to use you for cover!


Aerena Kolene: That's why I didn't notice it!


Notes from Mystic Mob Investigations:

The Revolving Temple 6: Mystic Mob Investigations
Report | Mar 22, 2019

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29 Apr 2017
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