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The Revolving Temple, Part 2

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A Common Enemy


When last we left. . . .

Our heroes arrived in the CHALCEDON SYSTEM right in the face of a REAVER assault. Fighting them off, the Kylo's Star and the Razorback make their way to PORT NEVERMORE on the outlaw world of CHALCEDON itself.
Planetside, they separate, looking to learn more about the Port and its inhabitants. In particular about the Bounty Hunter clan that brought them there, information on the outlaw tech Silar Mins, the Collector, and the strange rumors about missing people in the desert. People that are found later with no memory of what happened.
With more pieces than puzzle in front of them, they accept the invitation to meet at last with the mysterious COLLECTOR. Tucked away in a corner of Port Nevermore, the heroes pass through some of the Collector’s items. Then, at last they meet the being himself. Who suggests they have much to discuss.
Now, in a simple sitting room, the Collector begins his explanation by telling them they have a common enemy, one who is in the Unexplored Territories and goes by the name Emperor Sargon. . . .

Notes from VN Ysadora:

The Revolving Temple 2: Mystic Mob Investigations
Report | Mar 11, 2019

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31 Dec 2016
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