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Illiana Turosin

Former Sith Warrior, then Witch Padawan

Originating Adventure: Shards of Honor 8.0 "Awakenings II"

Formerly a Sith Warrior, in the general time period of the Jedi-Sith War:

Illiana (a near human) comes from a world on the outer rim that was devastated by plague and war. She was found by Sith Lord Yemen Vargas, who taught her to channel her rage as a tool through her control over the force. This she used to great effectiveness in installing a small portion of the Sith Empire in the Tapani Sector for a time.
Their Empire fell during the Great Sith-Jedi War. To save herself, she was placed in cryogenic freeze with three other accomplished Sith Masters … one of which was Vargas.
She insists she repented and is all about trying out the Good Guy side of life now, under the tutelage of the Dathomirian Witches currently pooling resources with the Jedi Order. Did we mention “redhead”? How ‘bout “stacked”? How 'bout "quit showering in the clones' barracks, AND quit walking back to your own quarters starkers, dammit"?
I have not seen her since Palpatine's "Final Solution" and it bothers me. Did she survive? Where the hell is she? The thing is, a lot of the Dathomirian Witches vanished during that time period and never came back into public view. She might have vanished with them, I don't know.
Update: Oh hey! Guess who's gainfully employed as the assistant of Ferrin The Collector!


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