Star wars: shards Come the Twilight

Come the Twilight

Disaster / Destruction


All hell breaks loose.

Military Conflict | Oct 2, 2019

All hell breaks loose.

  So many quotes, so little time ....  
You can tell it's a genuine Jedi Master when you can't get a straight answer out of him for a straight question.
VN Ysadora confirms ghostly Qui-Gon Jinn to her fellow PCs. He says Vanya reminds him of his padawans, Ani and Ben. "Come the Twilight", Star Wars: Shards of Honor
d'Arcy's plan: Once the drop team has temporarily secured the landing pad, a ship helmed by a smuggler-class volunteer pilot
{here, everyone looks at Vorboccioni}
— "Come the Twilight", Star Wars: Shards of Honor
I do not tolerate thieves, you see. And today, a thief ... a very unskilled, clumsy thief ... has just taken my sector from me. I intend to take it back.
Admiral d'Arcy to the PCs and everyone else who has turned up so far. (Khun thinks d'Arcy might be annoyed after all!) "Come the Twilight", Star Wars: Shards of Honor

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