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The Revolving Temple 2: Mystic Mob Investigations

a joint effort by Mystic Mob Investigations:
Knight Errant Sir Davish Tam
Jedi Knight VN Ysadora

General Summary

We have this meeting with Ferrin The Collector who is, let me tell you, not a delight. This is why the Jedi Order teaches a blatant "no" on getting attached to things. His place is full of stuff that he has just to know that he has it. Even Illiana Turosin, she who used to go shower in the TCs' barracks just so she could walk through wearing a t towel on her hair, is on his payroll because she's {not like OTHER women}, cue cosmic eye roll. I'm glad she is doing well, and I hope she soaks him for enough money to take a few years and decide who she really wants to be.
Oh, well. And we're supposed to be understanding that he set bounties on us. I can't decide if we're supposed to think Ferrin is "just this guy doing his thing", or if we're supposed to be outraged that he treats us like things. But I really feel like he's not worth any enthusiasm, which I'm sure would put the Qo'shasot on an epic rant. He's not our current problem; he's not our ally, either.
Even if he is telling us about Sargon the allegedly immortal emperor of the Unknown Territories.
Ferrin says that Sargon is our mutual enemy, out to . . . you know. Typical Jedi Quest Season Arc stuff. Rule the galaxy, assemble the mystic stones of Zakuul, restore the ancient arch-empire of the Mataou Dynasty.
Hey, now, let's not invite Hutts into this if we can help it!
Fair point.
Anyway, I kind of lost focus on the conversation a couple of times. I should check with So'Zen Al Saba and Danar Vorpadaran, they were probably listening. I know there was something about the Dai Bendu, which sent me off on a data search of my older notes.
The Dai Bendu Order has existed for thousands of years. According to Yoda, the original founders of the Jedi Order were Dai Bendu monks.
— VNY's notes
The raid sirens went off, drowning the conversation out: Reaver attack in progress. Power went out, leaving Port Nevermore without its automated defenses. We went running to work; or, rather, Danar/Vance and Aerena Kolene and Davish Tam and I did. We did not really notice 'til later that So'Zen stayed put, figuring that the whole thing was coupled with an attack on the Collector.
And he was absolutely correct! They were ready for Illiana. They weren't ready for a Togruta with Force-enhanced pouncing capacities.
Meanwhile, we split up to lay the smackdown on the Reavers. And the device that was three-dee-printing them, which has surely got to be something else because you cannot 3Dprint critters. And the ! ! ! Noghri lying in wait to ambush anybody who goes for the spawning device?!! Yeahhh, okay. Davish hit the radio tower to get a good overlook on the situation. Danar went in the direction of the armory and Aerena toward the starport and The Jolly Roger, I think, before I was pretty fully focused on the gate as the monk connecting the home team's efforts together.
When we got the Reavers et al sorted, it was definitely time for showers, a meal, and some real sleep aboard the Kylo's Star.

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Report Date
31 Dec 2016
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