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The Revolving Temple 6: Mystic Mob Investigations

a joint effort by Mystic Mob Investigations:
Knight Errant Sir Davish Tam
Jedi Knight VN Ysadora

General Summary

Hey, where are you?
Balcony seating area.
I mean. I'm not near the busted-through part of the pit floor.
There's too much tuning-up in the symphony when I try to assess through the Force. I can't spot you or anybody.
'Rena's got the squiddie kid wrapped around her.
Zen is tanking Sing.
Good for him! Somebody never got around to telling that lad he's not a tank.
He's DPS?
Correct. I knew you'd get the hang of this!
I'm the tank?
. . .
Apes don't think so.
They think a tank has to be wearing power armor. They think you're a Defender.
Not that squishy.
True. Back to my question: where are you?
Guarding the exit for N8's resc--
Ceiling. I have it.
By the time we got everyone out of the underground fighting pit and slave management areas, we had not merely freed the gladiatorial fighters; somewhere in there we had started a joint slave revolt (slashy) droid revolt. Good for us!
Obviously, the Crimson Nova are not going to appreciate any of this, seeing as how that's most of their financial base right there. We don't want them trying to reestablish slavery around here
We're cleaning the slave industry right off this dirtball!
Yes, dear.
so the natural, reasonable next step is for us to seize all of the Crimson Nova's local assets, especially their ships, and turn those over to the former "property".
It's a beautiful plan!
We send those ships off toward Allandor System in the Tapani Sector, where Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker can put his labor where his personal views are and get the whole lot sorted out.
Meanwhile, Jedi Knight So'Zen Al Saba has chased bounty hunter Aurra Sing into the Crimson Nova guild house, where she has the advantages of familiarity and additional firepower. He would appreciate some support.
I have an idea for that.
Lemme send a fast email.
To: Anakin Skywalker ( bossman1 at )
From: ( vy_pi at )
Subj: Ben and women
Did Ben use to date Aurra Sing?
Seriously. Need to know.
P.S.: Please make arrangements
for an entire city worth of droids
that have become their own masters.
You know. Now that you mention it ... there was this one time ... no, wait, that was Ventress. Ok, it was the other ... no that was Satine. Come to think of it, no. Obi Wan never did date Aurra Sing. You know Vanya, I've never thought about this. I'm really surprised about it, too.
Oh, I'll get in touch with some old friends about the droids.
May the Force be with you ( I get the impression you need it? )

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Report Date
29 Apr 2017
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