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Department of Finance



The Department of Finance is one of the many departments of the Republic, the secretary who heads the department is appointed by the Vice-President from a condidate of the Office of the Federal Civil Service and approuved by the Senate.


Like all federal departments, many agencies depend on the Department of Finance, all related to the field of finance such as the bank, the public treasury or the tax agency, people who run these agencies can be appointed by the Secretary of Defence himself or with the candidate chosen by the Office of the Federal Civil Service depending on the level of independence required.

Public Agenda

The main purpose of the Department of Finance aims to advise the President on all matters relating to finance or sometimes on economic even if it's most of the time in collaboration with the Department of Economy, to put in place government policies on finance and to ensure the proper administration of the department.


The Department of Finance headquarters is located in the city of Paris on Earth, it is this building that houses the department's administration, the headquarters of all its agencies are also in Paris in the governmental disctrict.
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