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Republican Guard

The Republican Guard is the federal police force of the Federal Republic, it ensures the security of citizens throughout the space of the Republic with the help of the sectorial police, except on planets where the planetary or municipal police take over. However, if the case affects more than one planet, the Republican Guard automatically takes charge, making it the largest police organization in the Republic.


The leader of the Republican Guard, the Director of the Guard, is appointed by the Secretary of Civil Security from a candidate chosen by the Office of the Federal Civil Service, his headquarters is in Paris on Earth. It is divided into four branches: the Space Division, the Planetary Division, the Cyber Division and the Governmental Division. All these divisions have a major general who take orders from the General of the Guard, the head of the field forces and the highest in the hierarchy, except for the Governmental Division which is independent of political power. Other services are under the authority of the Director of the Guard, these can handle administrative matters, such as human resources, public affairs, internal affairs that had an independant nomination process and many others.

Space Division

Each sector is subdivided into several zones which include one or several systems, these areas are each covered by many division's capital ships who can host smaller vessels and several space stations which allow the maintenance of these said vessels, the two are directed by captains. The area as a whole is headed by a major who assigns patrol routes and assignments for personnel. These are under the orders of a colonel who direct each sectors and takes the orders of the major general who reports to the General of the Guard. This division has several specialized units to be able to face any type of mission. For example, tactical units specializing in boarding and low-gravity operations to deal with particularly difficult situations or intelligence units to collect information on suspects. Also, to support the division, the sectoral police units responsible for enforcing the law in space are placed under the command of the Republican Guard to respond to calls, but it is the latter which takes care of the investigation.

Planetary Division

The Planetary Division is responsible for crimes committed on planets that cannot be dealt with by other police services or who falls under federal jurisdiction. It also supports the related services of each police station that it manages, such as the scientific analysis of each of its crime scenes or electronic investigation. She is also responsible for investigating interplanetary affairs for seek as well as prosecute the criminals attached to it with their Special Agent and Supervisory Special Agent who are under the orders of the Special Agent in Charge, which is under the order of the Colonel. An other rank is Junior Special Agent, these are new recruits who are starting their career.

These ones are under the orders of a commissioner, they are in charge of local investigations which fall under federal jurisdiction. Most important cities on a planet has a commissariat of the Republican Guard where a commissionner is assigned who takes the orders of the major directed the planet, who is under the orders of the colonel directed the sector who takes the orders of the major general who reports to the general of the guard. This division has several specialized units to be able to face any type of mission. For example, tactical units to deal with particularly difficult situations or intelligence units to collect information on suspects.

Cyber Division

This division is in charge of monitoring activity on the Republican Space Network, the infrastructure that hosts most of the Republic's digital activity, to detect anomalies that might indicate violations that are under their responsibility or that need to be transferred to other agencies, such as financial crimes. The division is directed by a major general who has under his responsibility colonels whose purpose is to direct the antennas of the division in a sector, these last are under the direction of a captain. The antennas are generally juxtaposed with a police station of the planetary division to take advantage of their equipment and their personnel.

Governmental Division

It is responsible for investigating all members of the federal government who have committed political crimes. As a result, the law requires the President to spend enough money to function properly to avoid blackmail by the executive. The law also requires the commanding officer to swear that he will be completely independent during his term of office. The major general must be appointed by an independent commission which will choose a candidate and have it approved by a vote at the Federal Court of Political Crimes. Each sector is then managed by a major who is responsible for distributing these teams across the sector according to the current business. The teams are led by a lieutenant who takes charge of the investigation. This one uses the infrastructure of the planetary division and can claim all the means necessary for its investigation to the colonel of the planetary division. Once the investigation is completed and the charges laid, the suspect is tried by a political crimes court.

Public Agenda

The main purpose of the Republican Guard is to serve as an efficient and versatile elite federal police able to face any type of situation, the police officers are the best trained in the Republic. It must also collaborate with many bodies to ensure the proper functioning of the judicial system such as the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic. It is in charge of representing the state during trials and of making requests on behalf of all police forces to judges, such as asking for a warrant for example. He also works in close collaboration with the Republican Judicial Science Agency, which is responsible for the in-depth scientific analysis of evidence and especially the analysis of victim bodies in federal cases. All their work is monitored by the Republican Agency for Independent Investigations, which receives complaints from citizens against federal police officers and ensures that they comply with the Republican Code of Police Ethics.



The Republican Guard has thousands of agents across the Republic operating in various divisions of the Guard. They specialize in many areas ranging from criminal investigations, tactical intervention, intelligence or patrol. The Republican Guard also makes many vehicles available to these agents such as the A-01 helicopter, the Pegma police car, the Kestrel spacecraft and many others that are used by agents to perform their duties. Each Guard has a PR-75 handgun as well as a taser and, for tactical units, more heavy equipment in addition to their handguns.


The headquarters of the Republican Guard is located in Paris near the government district, it also has many orbital stations which serve as a supply and storage point for these vessels which operate in space. Finally, it occupies many police stations in all the cities of the Republic to accommodate the personnel of these divisions.

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