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Military Intelligence Agency

The Military Intelligence Agency is the second intelligence agency of the Federal Republic, unlike the National Intelligence Agency which pursues much more global goals, the MIA focuses exclusively on providing intelligence to the armed forces.



The Military Intelligence Agency is headed by the Director of Military Intelligence, who is appointed by the Secretary of Defense when the former must be replaced. Although he is appointed and reports to the Secretary of Defense, the Director of Military Intelligence receives from Joint Chiefs of Staff the borders that he must put under surveillance to provide intelligence to the armed forces.


The agency has four permanent units that monitor the three border wormholes with the Onatach Empire, the Zelvan Council from the Continuation War and the one with the Holy Kingdom of Katho. The purpose of these units is to carry out reconnaissance, surveillance of military activities to detect a possible attack and carry out infiltration missions behind enemy lines. If needed, more units can also be set up, all of these can be reassigned to a new front, added or removed depending on Joint Chiefs of Staff's needs.

Public Agenda

The aim of the Military Intelligence Agency is to inform and provide all the information necessary for the armed forces of the Republic for the proper conduct of all military actions. She also works closely with the Intelligence Services Agency, because these two agencies are complementary and they very often carry out information sharing.


The agency's HQ is located within the Habashiya Center, in the city of Addis Ababa on Earth, the agency also has very advanced equipment to be able to spy on enemy lines and thus inform the military. They have numerous listening and spy stations as well as outposts on planets on the border of the Federal Republic to carry out their mission.

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