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National Intelligence Agency

The National Intelligence Agency is the main intelligence agency of the Republic, it is one of the pillars of the defense of the Republic by allowing to neutralize possible threats without resorting to force. Throughout history, it has always brilliantly defended the interests of the Republic both abroad and within it.


The National Intelligence Agency is headed by the General Director of Intelligence, who is appointed by the Secretary of Defense when the former must be replaced. For the structural organization as such, it is divided into several sections which are specialized in several fields. Each has a chief who reports to the head of the agency who himself reports to the Secretary of Defense, the agency has three sections, each dealing with a specific task.

Homeland Security Section

The Homeland Security Section responsible for thwarting the espionage operations of the alien powers inside the territory of the Republic, prevent terrorist attacks or any other major threat that could threaten the internal security of the Republic. The section has two units, each responsible for a particular aspect, the Counter-Terrorism Unit and the Counterintelligence Unit who are both responsible for detect, investigate, carry out missions as well as neutralize this type of threat to the Republic.

Foreign Operations Section

The Foreign Operations Section is responsible for coordinating the secret agents sent abroad, provide these agents with support so that they can accomplish their missions and to coordinate the agents so that the general objectives given by the Minister of Defense are fulfilled. The section has three units, each responsible for a particular aspect, the Threat Detection Unit, the Threat Neutralization Unit and the Unit for the Defense of Interests, which are all responsible for detect, investigate, carry out missions as well as neutralize this type of threat to the Republic.

Protection Service

The Protection Service is a special branch of the NIA, its mission is to protect members of the Republic's federal government, this includes the President, Vice-President, secretaries, heads of federal agencies, members of the judiciary, the President of the Senate and other key figures essential to the proper functioning of the federal government. Even if his mandate obviously concerns only the members of the government mentioned above, a person occupying a position of responsibility can ask for protection if he considers that his life is threatened.

Public Agenda

The main purpose of the National Intelligence Agency is to protect the interests of the Republic outside and inside of its territory and to collect information that could be of use to the Republic. Some agents may also be tasked with capturing very dangerous criminals who have fled outside the Republic.



NIA agents always have access to all the equipment necessary to complete their mission or tasks, for example, state-of-the-art lenses for field agents that allow them to perform facial recognition, when connected to a neural chip , making calls discreetly and other practical functions at work. NIA employees can also, if necessary, rely on a personal ship for their movement or vehicles to carry out wiretapping, spinning, etc.


The agency's HQ is located within the Habashiya Center, in the city of Addis Ababa on Earth and it also owns several buildings which are located across the Republic and which are used by all agency's sections. These buildings are installed and are used for the accomplishment of the sections' work, the storage of their materials and to accommodate their staff.

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