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Central Bank

The Central Bank is the main organization that oversees the financial system of the Republic by being the only authorized bank within the territory to prevent fraud. As a result, this organization has very important goals that are essential to the proper functioning of the economy of the Republic, whether it is itself or through its subsidiaries.



At the head of the bank is the general director of the Central Bank who oversees the entire organization and appoints the various subordinates who are hierarchically below this one. It is appointed by the Secretary of Finance from a candidate chosen by the Office of the Federal Civil Service.

Service of Evaluation

It must set a standard credit value on raw materials based on supply and demand, as well as disseminating the results of its analyzes so that the fair price of raw materials is known to everyone, particularly companies so that they can adapt to changing prices.

Service of Currency

He must manage everything related, directly or indirectly, to the bank accounts of the federal government. Among other tasks, it also creates money to fill government deficits, finances the banks of the sectors that are under its authority to enable them to operate smoothly and give money to citizens who are on the Universal Republican Basic Income. Finally, he must ensure that the digital infrastructure necessary for monetary exchanges is functional at all times and notify the competent authorities of possible cases of fraud.

Service of Investment

This must monitor the investment that is made through the Republic to avoid any abuse, set the interest rates for all the loans that have been made, define the conditions of admission for these from a company or of a citizen and determines the borrowing rate based on the percentage of the deficit to which the levels of government are entitled. This regulatory role is very important since it acts as a safeguard against over-investment in the economy and therefore excessive overheating of it.


To avoid too much centralization, the Central Bank has many subsidiaries under its authority which fulfill approximately the same goals as they do at the sector level. The latter then also have under their authority the planetary banks, the fundamental difference between the federal and the other banks is that it is the latter who take care of the unique accounts of citizens as well as companies depending on their place of residence. They must also manage the investment by giving loans to citizens and companies who want it if they meet the conditions and fill the deficit of their respective governements.

Public Agenda

Other than its specific goals indicated above, the Central Bank's general objective is to provide a framework for the financial system of the Republic and thus allow easy exchange of goods and services. All this to make its economy work and thus to make the Republic prosper, by it's subsidiaries, it must also ensure that citizens and businesses have easy access to their money.


Other than its headquarters in Paris, the Central Bank has tens of thousands of buildings scattered throughout the Republic to accommodate computer servers, administrative centers or service points. All its infrastructures are intended to operate the bank as such or the banking system that it is in charge of.
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